Ryan Patrick Burns | Skinwalker Ranch, Paranormal Portals, & The Wolverine

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Today’s guest left a recent comment on the THC Plus website that read, “If you’re interested in an NDA free Skinwalker Ranch episode, hit me up.” Well, hit him up I did.

It turns out Ryan has quite an interesting life, as he uprooted everything a few years ago to live closer to what they call Skinwalker Ranch and carry out his own investigations of rural Utah. He’s since had a Pandora’s Box full of paranormal experiences, has written 2 books, and had spent time picking the brains of bright minds tasked with demystifying this paranormal hot spot. Now he shares it all with THC, so grab a spot around the digital campfire.

Read about Ryan’s experiences and research more in depth in his books, Skinwalker and Beyond & The Utah UFO Ranch.

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  1. ok. Me again and I’m having to- eat my words, big time. I’ve looked into all this a lot and from what I can tell these things really are happening. But What is IT?

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