Nick Redfern | Biblical ETs, Ancient Otherworldly Manipulation, & Alien Demons

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Your friend and mine, the amazing author, Nick Redfern joins the podcast today to talk conspiracy, paranormal, and the all around fringe material contained in his new alternative textbook, Secret History: From Ancient Aliens To The New World Order. In this show we covered the first half of the lengthy tome, and hope to dedicate another in the future to the New World Order half of the puzzle. Until then, enjoy.

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  1. Well played, Greg. Nick is the European Jim Marrs!
    …very soft but well spoken and one truly interesting dude.
    Great show, looking forward to the second segment. Keep up the most excellent work, you are changing the world one stoner mind at a time. Thank you for that.

  2. Nick Redfern is awesome! He is definately one of my favorite guests that you have on! He just has so much info on basically any intetesting topic you can think of. I’m not a religious person either, but I find religion so fascinating from a non-religious perspective (if that makes sense).

    He brought up Joshua Cutchins book A Trojan Feast which is sitting on my shelf, and next in line to be read. I heard Joshua interviewed on Mysterious Universe maybe six month ago, and he is an independent guy going through MUFON reports to analyse their data to find patterns, which I feel is something MUFON itself doesn’t even do. You should have him on your show!

  3. Just signed up for higher side plus and wow what a great one to listen to. Keep them coming in man!

    Your frickin move Carlwood, your frickin move.

  4. Excellent interview with one of my favorite researchers. Gotta have him back on the though Greg… I’m dying to hear Nick’s opinions on the New World Order. This is one of the first time he’s hit upon it in his research, and despite the many interviews I’ve listened to on the new book no one has ever gotten to his NWO research. Don’t let me down Greg, get the Redfern back on! Thanks Greg you’re the man!

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