Nick Redfern | Alien Abductions, MK Ultra, & The Government Files

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Longtime THC staple and Ufology Guru, Nick Redfern, helps to close out another great year of podcast goodness with a conversation around his 50th book: Top Secret Alien Abduction Files.

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-Were the Greys trying to jailbreak the human soul? -Underground bases and abductions. -The Dolce base & the Hybrid program. -More on the Chicago Owlman sightings of 2017. -The underlying current of disclosure we’ve seen in the last 2 years. -Which government agencies tend to have certain kinds of files.

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  1. Thanks Greg for a splendid year of info-tainment. Introducing me Neil Kramer, Thomas Sheridan, and others. May the blessings of light be on you- light without and light within. 2019 The Year THC goes dick show free! ????

  2. Really appreciate Mr. Redferns research, though I do see it as a expose awash in govco propaganda handed indirectly (so as to loose the fictitious taste)over to those thirsty for the truth and always propped up by some possible future disclosure. Just slave bait, keep you chasing your own tail, and wasting valuable time while empire takes it to us with the other 50 forms of illusionary controlled opposition, what all those Psyop projects have been about since the beginning, Redferns work is probably a great litmus for judging how well their deception has taken hold, admitting himself to have only looked at so called “released government documents “ for much of the testimony………. how long till we realize “official sources, and PHDs” are heading the disinformation efforts in our world.
    Love the show, happy new year to all, here’s to the truth in 2019! Cheers!

  3. I have to say I do like this version of the “Where would we be” .. I like the guitar riff at the end.. 🙂
    And I spent NYE staring at the sky here in Melbourne and saw a couple of flashing things which were definitely unidentified!
    Looking forward to listening to this one!
    Thanks again, 🙂

      1. My comment on the Chris Know-Less show still stands.

        Life is like the journey of the sperm, who would’ve thought when we were sperm we’d win such a small odds race to find the egg (Goddess), we didn’t want to stay as sperm nor find a sperm partner to live in a pussy with.
        No we transform into something inconceivably bigger and more complex, like a human into a planet.
        Our job is to ascend out of this sphere of existence.

        Im not 100% anti aliens my mind is open, but the main deal here is the Magic of God. I used to have recurring dreams of white coneheaded beings when young, plus there’s all the elongated skulls found on earth. However these aren’t aliens they’re earthlings as far as I can tell, they were always mentioned in history, many hominoids and giants.
        We always destroy that which we cannot understand.
        Or turn away from it…

        1. Just saying, had u given a listen, u would have heard alternatives explored that might be more up your anti-alien alley. They discuss at least some of the abductions being drug induced delusions by government operatives. Also I believe the guest said he leans towards interdemsional rather than interplametary. But if your only looking to 100% reinforce your preexisting beliefs amd trash whatever doesn’t fit… Well, guess thats an option

  4. I’ve heard Nick Redfern interviewed on other podcasts and he was much more open about what he really thinks on THC.
    As an author out to hawk books he most likely tailors his outlook to the audience listening and I liked how he tied MK Ultra
    to the Military abductions. I enjoyed this interview quite a bit. Greg, I appreciate the nuts and bolts direction you took
    this interview. It was a nice change of pace to the magical interviews lately. I think it would be great to follow up with
    a podcast concerning DMT (clockwork elves, aliens and Terence McKenna) and Ketamine use by John C. Lily. This would truly be
    THC material…. Happy New Year!

  5. I try to keep an open mind but I am very suspicious of any researcher who states that the Apollo moon landings were not faked despite overwhelming evidence that they were. It can only be laziness, gullibility or spreading disinformation.

    1. Anyone who thinks the Apollo moon footage was actually shot on the moon should inquire about a bridge I have for sale
      in Brooklyn. I’ve heard Refern, Farrel and even Dolan say we went to the moon, but are they really defending the footage?
      What other proof do we have? The moon rocks have been proven to be terrestrial along with the painting of the earth
      as seen from the moon. It’s the third rail of conspiracy though for some reason, (along with 9/11) and I’ve seen lots of resources being used to maintain the illusion. It most likely has something to do with the moon itself. And, if maintaining the illusion is so important, why oh why was it done so poorly, along with 9/11. It’s like the Orwellian 2 plus 2 equals 5 or the Emperor’s new clothes. Anyone drawing attention to it faces ridicule, like recently when Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors questioned the official line.

  6. yeah, greg. thanks for the show as always. had to say I just listened to your interview with the grinerica guys and I was a wrestling freak in the mid to late 90s as well, but I was all wwf. I too know about the e-fed days having matches with only long paragraphs of adjectives.

    From WA state

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