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THC 11: Michael Tsarion | Symbolism and Control

Show Notes

Considered to be the first real episode of The Higherside Chats as we know it today: Alternative researcher, author, lecturer, and numerologist Micheal Tsarion explains how we’re all fucked.

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-This is a pre-Plus episode. It’s all there, baby!
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I’m new to plus, is there a button to play at a faster speed? Greg this is by far my favorite podcast thank you for your research.


This was an excellent show. Thanks!


Tsarion is an excellent and dedicated researcher, with a wealth of details at his command. This monologue focuses upon psychology, with connections to astrology, history, symbolism, consciousness, and mythology. He suggests some great books to read around the 1h44m mark. A Great "first" show for THC. Thank you! 


WOW great show I will have to listen too this show  more times to hear all the insight thank you for this podcast so much!!


I really love the song at the end!

Is this episode 1? How do I find episode 1 if not.

Phenomenal conversation!

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