Mark Sloan | Red Light Therapy, The Cancer Conspiracy, & More

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Today’s guest Mark Sloan was sent on a personal journey to understand the medical system after the death of his mother. He’s since learned quite a bit about the things they’d rather you not know, and he shares it with the world on his website

One of the subjects Mark has researched most thoroughly is Red Light Therapy, which is the topic of his great book: Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine. Mark is also the author of: Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled, Cancer Cured: Victory Over The War On Cancer, & The Cancer Industry: Crimes, Conspiracy and The Death of My Mother. Today we talk about all these things and more, enjoy!

*Mark is also running a giveaway for 5 free Red Light Therapy Devices that will go to 5 lucky THC listeners who enter over at:


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  1. Didn’t address fat in hot liquids. Didn’t address positive, short-term, benefits of keto diet— kidney and liver damage reversal or blood sugar control. Perhaps best done in winter? What about the Inuit Peoples? What about eating ancestrally? Loved the show, buying a lamp.

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