So you just signed up for THC+ or you’re thinking about it and wondering how to listen to the show once you do. Great! Well,  I’ve created this list of the common questions I get about making the transition to help you out:

What’s the most convenient way to listen to THC+?

Most people who are familiar with Podcast have a podcasting app they prefer, as long as that app can accept password protected podcasts, it should work with THC.

The RSS Feed URL for THC+ is: https://www.thehighersidechats.com/feed/thc-plus

**If you have problems with your credentials being accepted, make sure you account is active and that you completely remove/delete/unsub the Plus feed from your app, and when all saved data is fully removed, credentials should be accepted on the next attempt. ** Here’s a tutorial that addresses this problem on iTunes.

Below are some of the common apps and some more detailed instructions for each:

  • iPhone/iPad:

The native Podcasts app for iOS (step by step instructions) UPDATED: Easy to follow video for iOS users. The backup recommendation would be Downcast, Overcast, or pulling up the THC+ website in your mobile browser.

  • Android devices:

There are several free apps that work great.  I’d recommend one of these: Podcast Addict: (step by step instructions) Beyond Pod:  (step by step instructions)

  • Windows phones/Zune:

THC+ is compatible with the Zune Marketplace. Just subscribe manually with the feed URL: https://www.thehighersidechats.com/feed/thc-plus/ and insert your username and password.

  • Itunes for PC or Mac:

The method will vary based on your version of iTunes and your operating system. Assuming you’re running the latest version: click File->Subscribe to Podcast… and insert the feed URL https://www.thehighersidechats.com/feed/thc-plus/ and a box will pop up for your username and password. Here’s a video showing that process. If you’re running an older version of iTunes,  you can update to the latest version, or try inserting the URL with your username and password embedded with it in this format: https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@www.thehighersidechats.com/feed/thc-plus

  • On-site Options:

I’ve tried to make a website that is convenient enough for anyone to use from PC, Mac, or mobile browser. You can easily stream from the site itself,  or download any Plus episode for off-line listening by clicking “download” on the player or clicking the 3 dots and choosing “download.”

I can login on the website, but iTunes/Podcast apps are not accepting my credentials. What’s wrong?

This is usually because iTunes (or any podcasting app) is holding on to old data or something is telling the app your account is not active. It can happen any time you have THC+ info saved, but your account goes inactive for one reason or another. To fix this, you have to completely remove/unsubscribe from the feed and back out of the app entirely. When you come back to it fresh, it should work. Here’s a tutorial that addresses this problem on iTunes.

How can I change my password, update my payment information, or cancel my subscription?

Visit your account dashboard from the menu bar. It can also be found here after signing in:

Where is the 2nd hour? I only see one MP3 file.

Don’t worry! If you’re logged in with an active subscription, you should be seeing the Plus shows automatically. I leave them as one file so you don’t have to listen to two wrap ups, two intros, download two files, etc…and now that you’re a Plus member, you’ll get your full shows here, uninterrupted. Feel free to go back to the ones you missed and jump ahead an hour, the entire archive is at your fingertips now! Not only do you get an upgraded player with Plus, which includes speed options and a “go back 15 seconds” button to catch those details you want to remember, but you’ll also see these indicators that you’re getting the Plus show:

If you have any issues, just contact me with “Plus Subscription Issue” in the subject line. Thanks, -Greg