Jon Rappoport Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

THC 66: Jon Rappoport | Snowden Suspicions & Control Methods of the Elite

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Today on the podcast, Jon Rappoport joins Kyle and I for some conspiracy talk regarding Edward Snowden and some of the fishy details to his story. We also take a look at the conspiracies behind mental health and the various lies and manipulations of the global elite. Damn.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I very much like your podcasts and agree with much of what you present. I too am very open minded and also well informed on the topics of spirituality, religion, the Bible, aliens, demons, politics, Nature, plants, nutrition and most importantly how it all ties together. Personal Soverignty, being American, Christ Consiousness and the true definition of what all that means I feel is lost and forgotten. We know we are in a eugenics program so it should be clear that the only solution to not die is to get out of the programming and not only claim soverignty with our lips but also by our actions. I have been walking the path towards soverignty and I would love to share with you how you and others can get there freedom too through affordable off grid solar and wind systems, gardening tips, raising chickens for eggs and meat, etc.. I am just outside of San Diego myself up behind Temecula. So if you would like to chat feel free to contact me at or (951)907-1125. Three Valerian roots, one Kava and one bowl deep into my pineal gland… lol. 🙂

  2. Dear Greg, I obviously had to go back and listen to this after the Ebola episode and have to say these two episodes are essential listening for the prevaccinated mask brigade in 2020. And beyond. Would be great if you could get Jon back on the show although I am sure the “told you so” factor might be, deservedly, rather full-on. Now then… Mexico anyone? ,-) 

  3. Israel are the problem with America and the dual citizens who run the place are the problems. The USA has been strip minded by these parasites. And It’s not all jews it’s neoconservative judeo/Christian Zionist mental cases

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