Gordon White | Jungle Spirits, Gnostic Times, & Decolonizing Our Ideas

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The great Gordon White graces us with his presence for the 10th time on the podcast. Maybe it’s the familiarity that has organically positioned him as the resident wet blanket thrower on threads, theories, and ideas within conspiracy culture that might require critique, but we’re at it again today.

Do the elite actually hold gnostic views? Should transgenderism really be lumped it so automatically with transhumanism? Is this “union of opposites” idea honestly the core of occult thinking? Is post-modernism truly a road map to destroying the fabric of our society?

Some subjects don’t really have a simple yes or no answer to them, but when you largely only hear one side- you can count on Gordon White to present another. It’s also his birthday and a conversation that starts hot on the heels of his return from one of those powerful, life altering, Amazonian ayahuasca retreats. Heavy.

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  1. What a great interview! Gordon’s story about the fires and the cloud dragon was jaw-dropping – and I practice magic and know it works. When it comes to examples though, that is a beauty. Also, I am very glad Gordon’s house was saved and the rest of the town’s too. Nice going Rune Soup mages!

    There’s almost too much ground to cover for me to comment – I need to listen again. Taking down the label maker sticks out for me. Yep. Let’s take our anger to the PTB and those behind this toxic system we live in.

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