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Have any of you been witness to a time slip or the merging of alternate realities?

In 2011 I heard a report on the radio that Ron White, the comedian, had passed away. I was pretty heartbroken since he is a favorite comedian of mine and since I hadn't caught the whole story I sought out more information and tuned in to the news later that day on tv. I again only caught the last part of the report but they were commenting on how he was funny, was known for always drinking scotch on stage and he would be missed greatly.The guy news person ended by saying his favorite joke was the one about him being thrown out of the bar and him telling the police officer his street name was "Tater Salad."

I went to work and brought his death up to others but nobody else had heard the news. Atleast 3 people were distraught enough to challenge me about it because they hadn't heard yet and went looking for conformation. One person later reported back to me that he had passed away sometime at night alone in a hotel room but no specifics were being released except that there was no foul play was suspected.

I was content with the details that was given to me since the person was not known to play games or lie, was clearly distraught over his passing and the circumstances inwhich he had passed. So I continued on bringing his death up to others I knew, or thought were, fans of Ron White but only one other person had heard the news (a stranger with a sense of humor that helped me pick on a friendly cashier at a gas station who always picked on me when I came in). He said that it was funny I had mentioned it because he talked to others that watched the same news channel at the same time that he did but when he mentioned it to them they said they didn't see it mentioned at all. He said he was glad I saw it too because he thought he was going nuts but that I was the only one who he had talked to that saw it too.

So I went on spreading gossip that Ron White had passed until I saw a big tv type billboard advertising that he was coming to town to do a show the next month. I called the ticket information number to question the ad and mentioned that I had heard that he had passed away. The lady said that she had other people call saying the same thing so she had checked and he was still booked and confirmed he was still alive! I was happy but shocked.

I choccked it up to someone made a mistake and didn't check their sources good enough or Ron pissed off one of the media outlets and they screwed with him (you know how them big media tycoons can be) until I remembered the guy at work and the stranger at the gas station.

To this day I have ran into others that went through the same "Ron White Alternate Reality Split" that I did, further convincing me that this was a reality split. In fact about a year ago I talked to a guy that was still convinced that Ron White was still dead! I had to prove to him that he was still alive. He was elated his all time comedian was alive but visually upset aboit the reality of it. We had a nice long talk about it all and about the very real possibility of alternate realities.

Have any of you had any simular experiences or heard of anything like this before?

Posted : April 29, 2015 6:19 AM