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THC United Kingdom Travel Guide (Suggestions Needed!)

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Hello all,

I am heading to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in about a month and wanted to take that opportunity to visit a number of the weird and wonderful sites talked about on the show. I've linked to a few below, the ones I can personally recall, but I know there is more...I would greatly appreciate people giving me a reminder of some of the other ones. Also, any other suggested sites of note would be appreciated. If I get enough of a response I will edit this initial post so it can be used as a U.K THC travel guide.


Luohan' (arhat), Meditating monk sculpture (From Mark Booth Episode):


Rosslyn Chapel (From Richard Merrick Episode):


Newgrange (Can't recall the episode, but definitely has been talked about!):

Posted : December 6, 2015 9:44 PM
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Sweet! I'd check out the Aveburry stone circles and some of the stuff right in that area, Gordon White took me there. It's where Bill Hicks had his abduction experience on mushrooms. Just watch out for all the sheep shit everywhere.

If you're in London, and are into Crowley at all, have a drink at The Plough. It's an old Crowley hang out Gordon also took me to. Not too far from the British Museum you mentioned, which is awesome.

Posted : December 7, 2015 5:39 AM