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Some of my alien abduction experiences

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I want to tell you a little bit about the grey ETs that have been visiting.  I have several memories of their visits; my memory recall seems to have been triggered by my couple of trips to the hypnotherapist.


These things have been taking me since before I could talk.  Normally several greys come to pick me up, and they seem to be of the 'small' variety.  When they do come, it seems like their intent is to touch my head, and upon doing so I am rendered unconscious.  I think they can also do this with their eyes if you make eye contact, which is kind of something I avoid in general.  They've even left scratches on my neck and bruises on my wrists in their attempts to retrieve me.  If I manage to wake up when they're in the room, I tend to have all of about a half second to react before they either get to me or primal terror sets in and I think I disassociate.


My particular type seem to average about three-four feet tall; however, I suspect they're able to alter this some.  Once I managed to grab one around the neck when it was trying to abduct me--I think this is why they send multiple, as I tend to fight back--and it's texture is really smooth.  They're fairly lightweight, and I honestly don't think there's a ton of mass there to begin with.  I feel like the small greys are mass-produced with the intention of being disposable, which is why they tend to be the ones doing the actual abduction process before you end up on a ship.


In one instance--the one that set off my trips to the hypnotherapist--I had a grey psychically disguise itself as my girlfriend.  It wasn't entirely successful, and what I 'saw' was both a grey ET and my girlfriend standing in the same place at the same time.  It was super jarring.  As this one came into my room three other greys followed it, and as they were taking me I noticed that one of them seemed to be staring at my bearded dragon.  It was strange.


Once they get you aboard there is a sort of inspection, and this is where the tall greys show up.  My clearest memory of this is me, a bunch of other people that I do not know, and my mother and sister all lined up.  Everyone was naked, and the room positively reeked of fear and sweat.  For some reason I could kinda turn my head and look down the line, where my mother and sister were, and they were just staring ahead.  I must have been in my teens at this point.


These greys have performed a number of surgical procedures on my eyes.  I also have terrible vision--I'm not sure if one lead to the other or vice versa.  I won't go into anything too graphic right now because the stuff is kind of hard to relive.


Here's where it gets really interesting: I think I'm working for these ETs teaching them how to be more human.  These memories are exceptionally hard to get at, as I'm in some sort of deep trance/puppet like state while I'm working with them.  It seems like the only time I'm able to grab a snippet of memory is if someone/something is temporarily lax on it's concentration, as if it's suppressing my ability to form memories.  The fact that I'm doing this really concerns me, as the implications are quite scary and unfun to think about.  However, I don't get any sort of sinister feel/intent when this is happening, but that's also suspect, and in fact everything involving these guys is suspect, because they can radically influence your emotions and memories.


I plan to write more, and am more than happy to answer questions.  To what end I'm not sure; I feel like I've got all this strange information floating about in my head and it wants to live somewhere that other people can look at it.

Posted : May 2, 2022 1:21 AM
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A bit of background:


I come from a family of abductees.  My mother has had visits her entire life (including many while pregnant with me), my younger sister has clearly been taken and refuses to talk about aliens period, and my family and I are fairly certain they would take my late older sister as well.  My mother's visitations all but stopped when she had a hysterectomy.  It is unlikely my father has ever had a visitation, but he has noticed the weirdness surrounding the rest of my family.


My mother was born on a military base in Allied-Occupied Germany.  I have a strong German background.  My grandfather on my mother's side was not only a very evil man, but he worked with the Allies in WW2 in intelligence and espionage.  I never got to meet this person; however, my mother and I have come to believe that he was probably OSS or something like it.  I want to do a FOIA on him at some point to see if he was involved in any sort of secret projects, but that's a distant goal.  My grandmother on my mother's side served in the Navy during WWII, and she died of cancer when my mother was young.


My family has a bit of a weirdness magnet--at least my mother and I do.  I can't get any information out of my little sister because she 'refuses to talk about aliens.'  My mother has a positive entity attached to her that will make itself known on a semi-regular basis by making rooms smell like gardenias.  My mother tells me this is her late mother, and she has always been watching out for my mom.  While I've never seen her, my mother has, and tells me she wears a soft blue dress or gown.  That being said, I could also smell when this entity showed up!


Psychic abilities run in my bloodline, but not to any great or testable degree.  At one point I almost died because I was young, stupid, and decided to turn my back to the ocean while I was in waist deep water.  The weather was grey, nasty, and overcast, and there was a bit of wind.  My mother describes having a premonition where she saw me get hit by the wave and dragged out to sea.  This happened moments before I was hit with a massive wave from behind.  She was able to reach in and drag me out by the arm, and honestly, had she not had that head start because of her vision I would probably be dead.


I've personally had a few premonitions come via dream.  Nothing super important, but I do remember dreaming about the new school I would be attending in perfect detail, at least in one particular spot.  I also see things, generally out of the corner of my eye.  Normally they're humanoid and in color, but are there only briefly so they're super hard to make out.  I've seen a few shadow entities, including the Hat Man and a rather large shadow cat.  Interestingly, this seems to happen more when I'm extremely stressed or under duress; it kind of leads me to believe that our psychic abilities are survival tools, there to help protect us.


I feel like the aliens did something to be to help trigger my psychic abilities.  My empathy, especially lately, has become nearly overwhelming and I have a real hard time around large groups of people.  Zoos also kind of suck.  It didn't used to be like this, and I can't exactly control or turn it off.  I also think that, when you get abducted, you are fundamentally changed in some strange way.  It's like this reality is a pool of water, and normally we just peer into it.  But with abductees, it's more like your face has been pushed beneath the water and it attracts the attention of everything living down there.

Posted : May 3, 2022 4:11 AM
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have you done any research into the government/ military involvement with these beings... your family background in military made me think of that.  

also, you may get something out of the book, the coming of tan by riley martin.  

Posted : May 18, 2022 6:18 PM
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@frater222 I have, yes.  I am deeply suspicious that my Grandfather may have made a deal with someone/something/whatever, and thus kinda condemned the rest of the bloodline to this fate.


I have lately been feeling like there may be some kind of payoff to all of this, but to what end I have no idea.


The book also looks interesting!  I will check it out, thank you.

Posted : May 22, 2022 1:41 AM
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