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Alright, cocksuckers, I'm calling it. I did not sign up to be body shamed by Justin Fucking Beiber's crew. I'd just ask the featherweight haircut who the actual fuck is this kid? Except he's like the third asshole to do it this week... The next puke mouths off, I'm gonna write some shit about their ass. Try me.

Dear Miley,

I think we're done here, gorgeous. Who am I missing?

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : February 25, 2021 2:04 PM
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There are signs set up along your way
Put there just to fool ya
Mike ain't around 24 each day
Otherwise He couldn't school ya
Just let me say
There are charlies at play
So think about who you want to RULE ya

[Is the asshole I was LAST WEEK. This would have been all I left. Elitist prick. Back from the trenches though now. Mighta stole a boot or two. Damn, man. Game's really big.]

Logic and reason
Ain't quite his season
He needs you open and acting from the heart
So he can tinker, adjust it
Pride greed and then lust it
Just a little bitly different from the start
And then give it some time
Another tinker, slight rewind
Then the morning finds you starin at it hacked and scorned apart
Stack you like an aircraft on a carrier at sea
Laugh as you become your own goddamn enemy
Come at you sideways easy slideways like a poisoned cufflink dart
Then drop you like a clusterbomb on humble young restarts

The lemons tried to tell him
That his mouth was like a gun
But he was wise and steady
And he knew that shit already
He was off to kick some ass and chew gum
Ran straight at her walls
No plan - only balls
And that pack a ratnest catterwalls
Loved every goddam day of 'em
Made him think he was Jesus
Help come save us and please us
Babe's beyond his scope's thesis
Talk blood from princess to rhesus
Felt like Romulus or Remus
In a bathroom with no stalls

Woulda taken half the venoms
If he coulda heard the lemons
But we all got our programs to reinstall

The Icker's friendly spikers
Rapped quite Mikely loud and tall
How do you beat the enemy
Who's already called your ball
Stalwart bulwarks in the ballpark
Highly minded in the falldark
Keeping reason land and hallmark
Ninja slow and low and graceful
Raising up from a fall
Don't let 'em make ya quit
Muster up and take your hit
Learn to sling a stronger shit
Half the smell and twice the wit
Then get back up, clean your stack up
Like you've got totals to recall
Ingesting litmus on my hit list
Got horny devils to unwall

You run this game?
No, man, me neither
Someone does, ya know
Time to pick which betwixt both and either
Which sounds better, bro
Mikely love or beast deceiver
Just a line we all can find and then throw some in and tow

What likely frequency speaks polarity
To half those babbling foreign crews
Let's talk strategy, war time clarity
Tuning earth lines and her hues
Doesn't mean ya gotta live your life chained to goddamned pews
I even think Mike'll hit with Andalusian Klansmen Jews.
You don't wanna, you don't gotta, mama, but I don't play to lose
Promised blackhawk helicopters from the showboat when I rocked it
Swift reprimand this taco stand cause nobody manned or stocked it
Lotta stories told by whorey babeling beauties who entrance
Make you fear what you can't steer rather than askin her to dance
Not me, brother, kindly find another jouster to unlance
You beat your feat and sound retreat while my boys scream advance
We harmonize with all those guys who'd take just one more chance

[I hereby give all my writings on this website away freely. I retain no copyright nor can anyone else. Kick ass and take names. The following is a lyrical weapon. Now you own it. Your call, man.]


Take the sting from out His ring
I ain't honoring that clause
Fathers hovering
Moms uncovering
Caution's light calling pause
Vicious fight
Unending night
Victim's plight from demoned paws
Echoed sight
Hold on tight
Gonna break this punk's jaws

Ye ol' holder
Lonesome soldier
Time's as near as it draws
Grab yer rifle
Come with Michael
Fire shots for the cause
Let fly libido
New Age Hero
Lace and stain their old laws
Graceful slammer
Belt and hammer
Well maintained table saws
Jungle rumbler
Drum lust crumbler
Plum dug under and thumpin
Thunder stunnin
Hunkered gunnin
Plumbin jean short runnin he-haws
Dark night vandal
Come to handle
Problems to no applause
Gay, other, straight
The hour's late
Let's show 'em how to break last straws

Men's heavens dilate
Villian spilled by wide gate
Seals the dark master's fate
Creation-based magic laid stark
Let 'em call HIKE
You just stand behind Mike
Form a line and keep firing in the dark
We don't play by the book
But you might go and look
For the signs of precious echoed restart
And then throw some fist
Lone percussionist
Choke quickens with new hope in heart

Sour feelings betray
Energetic foul play
So engage targets on the frequency of love
Then give her all you've got
This might be our last shot
With a partner there's twice the push to come and shove
But if tonight lights five fingers
Aim high, new dawn bringers
And let fly these bell ringers
Soldier up and rain some pain down on this land that lost its dove
Fire off clean
When you cavort and careen
Bring the demon's own fears down from above
Leave him spiked wide and open
Wholly Miked and quite broken
Don't even need to sow a seed or wear a glove
Give 'em woe, niggled bro
Christian soldier gigolo
Runnin guns for kindly nuns
When society reconfigured so
Now I sing him
Brand and bring him
Slingin tool and ringin bell
Let's you and me
Run off to sea
Cock hammers and raze hell

Never start believin
Mike ain't up for righteous treason
When your law unmakes His reason
Leavin children still unfound

You are green lit able danger
Neo Sovereign Hellranger
This night keeps gettin stranger
Allies lost who now surround

Tonight we breast the bars
Bullies full of it in jars
Man the cannon, claim what's ours
Roll and go, brethren below
Let Venus hear us all from Mars


You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : April 22, 2021 8:44 AM
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Let's see your hands this is a set up
Listen, Ma'am... Come here. Get up
You just sit right here and wait til this thing's over
Ladies, gentlemen, and bankers
We ain't humbled up or lunched fuzz
Last fourteen hundred acres
Taken ground, turned lost to found
A scourge to fire lakers
We've got forty seconds reckoned
For this souljack, any takers?
We need muscle, grunt and hustle
Three ball drummin heart breakers
Grizzled veterans conjecturin
About masters and makers
Local warlords game and whore lords
Broken chord-vores just sound off
Lookin for another, brother
Turn yer head and cough

We roll fairly honest sharely
And if one man wins the day
Then we thank him highly rank him
And double up his pay
Then the boys'll take him out and probly get him laid

Man up and come away with me
Bring some stunning bravery
We could use it, Lucy's droolin
Scoopin children up in droves
In loco parentis
Hey man, I didn't invent this
But I'll damn well help end it
So we roast their poxy logic when it shows
And we all feel the same
One winner in this game
Put the beast to shame
and all he wants is his name
Dropped gracefully in tastily draped
Wasteland pirate coves
So we built some tried to guilt him
into coming to see us
Didn't happen but the clappin
Can be heard up on Venus

So that's my crew we roll heavy
You want in there's no levy
Every bevy buxom blonde volumptuous and true
That's my forty seconds much obliged when you don't shoot
That's our ride we'll be outside rifling the loot

Think I had 'em, madam
How'd that go, what'd ya think

Best you just sit there
Breathe in slow and have a blink

Given time I think you'll find
You'll pardon kindly the stink


The Ulysses Chariot

Well we make it happen, Captain
Righteous thunder to unleash
And we'll all get back to nappin
Once we've rolled and folded beast
On our shores the call is lappin
Every man his own war chief
On the floor but not relaxin
Calloused hands and slow relief
Show us all the crew who'd steal The Word
Right back from the thief
On Your Own crestfallen snow

So we hold the ol' Iscariot aloft
Scorn and scold the ol' Iscariot aloft
New school old sea ol' Iscariot aloft
And we've all got songs in tow

Like we told the ol' Iscariot aloft
Tried to mold the ol' Iscariot aloft
String up boldly, ol' Iscariot aloft
For His light to finally know

Roll you up and drag you under
Chum and thunder on our breath
Hunting masterfully the dastardly
Bringing light to all the rest
And we hold her stacked to shoulder
Hearts of Thee in barrel chest
Enough rope to tree a preacher
If he doesn't pass Your test
Because we've all come out to see Ya
Harmonize this viper's nest
Before we're all dragged down below


Thunderous forces at play in the fog
Couldn't say who's who on this dreamscape slog
Reverb or counterfire? That's not my job
Got one course to plot past whatever they lob
You will know them by their fruit

Chains to break and ground to take
Fucked with the wrong peasant. An honest mistake
Know me before I do, just to sing your shit-take
Your musical labrinth ain't got Dick on this, mate
This supreme hoodie's countin up all it's loot

Never been called a monster before
By assholes I was tryin to free
Was it guided on high
A peak into why
Or a trap laid algorithmically
They know my ass before I get there
Scoped it's mass and every wet hair
Answered my reply before I wrote it
Damn near wrecked me, man
Wonder if we work and nexium
Were guided into mazes with a demon and never smote it

Shit's above my pay grade
But I ain't playin no more waylaid
Looking for some gray fade
And some targets to shoot

I bring this Michael stipend
Did my uncle say it was violent?
Was that his echo, or yours bounced off him?
Ya torched it and can't bare it
That I'm still gonna fuckin wear it
I BELIEVE the change you see ain't quite so thin
Kenny, tell him it's called drab
The divine Gaian mother's stab
It speaks and reeks of things elite and silent

Irony is as irony does
Lifting man's minds or hiding the scuzz
Or enslaving them all to a world that once was
Expect more from your fault lines, cuz
Because man, your understanding lands incredibly moot

Is there one of these for each of us?
Or just the schmucks who breach it thus?
Does one trap catch many through irony's echo?
Multiple meanings cast alotta trip wires
Some hit you once, come back to check though
And they grab ya again like a fresh pair a pliers
Irony's booby traps- took some of 'em twice
If they know your fucking future why would they play nice?
It wouldn't be that I came to see and get mobbed up with Christ...
Or is it that all they can really do is lure and entice?

No way to know in this pony show
Hard to tell ladybugs from lice
Can't redo or unthink it
So this little trinket's
Gonna steal all the shiny advice

Forced thunderous flicks
With all those gorgeous chicks
Only merits a six
But rates an eight for playin great Miami Vice

You are far more powerful than they will ever tell you.

Posted : April 26, 2021 9:11 PM
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