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My pic of Planet X/Nibiru? Your thoughts?

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I captured this image about two months or so ago. I had heard that Planet X was finally visable because it had passed the Sun so I figured I would get a couple pair of sun glasses and take a pic thru them to quench my curiosity's thirst.

You can see an orange dot below and just a bit to the left of the sun, at about the 6 o'clock position in relation to the sun.

I was pretty surprised I captured anything that would resemble another planet at all. If you look at the ancient depictions and descriptions they show wings coming off the sides, just like in my picture. I'm pretty sure that it is just the reflection of the sun reflecting off from the lens closest to the camera lens on to the back of the lens furthest from the lens *or* a reflection of the sun on the camera lens reflecting on the sunglasses or something simular to those explainations... BUT the effect is great and makes for a cool novelty pic to keep around just for fun!:) With consideration of all of the conditions and reflection possibilities that could account for the abnormality, it (my picture) certainly can not be taken seriously as any kind of evidence at all, BUT, Its not 100% debunked (although common sense says its 99.99% reflection of some kind) so it leaves just enough to wonder if it is Planet X, if only just a tiny bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I'm sure all, or atleast most of you, have heard about what NASA and scientists call Planet X, Zacaria Sitchen calls Nibiru and others say is a rogue brown dwarf, that orbits our Sun every 3,500-3,600 or so years and might (or has in the past) enter into our solar system and cause all kinds of ruckus. I have researched this subject a lot in the past but couldn't come to firm resolution in my mind whether its true or not.

To me, it feels equally as viable as is does silly when you factor in NASA whistleblowers and mainstream media stating scientists and astronomers saying a large body with a mass atleast a magnitude of 2-3 times that of Earth is strolling in towards our solar system and affecting the outer planets.

If you search for "NASA whistleblower Planet X" you will find tons of stuff where, supposedly, NASA scientists have came forward to warn us of the very real eminent danger of the approaching Planet X reaching us in 2016. If you look into the amount of deaths of astronomers in the past couple of years it seems like there could be some kind of hush program going on.

Even if there are no real bodies in Heaven because they are just a projection of a hologram depiction, we can still take it (planet x) as a "sign in the Heavens" like many ancient texts tell us to look for. Maybe the depiction of the stars is a "Great Cycle" of hints to upcoming events written in the code and the stars are the key to the massive simulated "randomness" of predetermined events, simular to a digital casino slots game? If that's the case then you could watch the Heavens for certain alignments and events to determine where in the code you are. From there, you could predict the future. Maybe all the acient texts of wisdom are encoded with the knowledge of how to decipher the key, or they ARE the key but you must decipher them to gain the knowledge? (This is a hint at what my research has led me to, is what I have come to believe and is part of my Theory of Everything.)

Sorry, I kind of went off topic there. I would be very interested to know what your opinion is of Planet X and what your intuition tell you about it.

Posted : April 14, 2015 6:01 AM
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I wonder if Planet X could be the reason we are having strange weather (record temps, huge snow storms in the south, winter moving further into spring and summer lasting further into the fall, etc) and why our poles have started moving faster away from their reglar spots. I also heard that Earths path has slowed thru space.

I'm curious to read what everyone else thinks.

Posted : April 15, 2015 4:08 PM
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What a neat idea. Going to have to play with this now. It's an interesting picture though really could be refraction. Does anyone take pics of the sun with filters professionally, I wonder?

Posted : September 27, 2015 6:38 AM