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Family and fellow THC+er in need

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Hey Everyone,

I know you guys are probably busy, I just wanted to describe my problem and ask for help.

My family and I (me, wife, and 2 year old son) currently live in Florida where cost of living is so high we can barely make ends meet. We can't even afford health insurance through our jobs and do not qualify for medicare. We are slowly sinking. We are originally from Indiana where our family lives. My wife recently got an opportunity to be promoted at her retail job back in our home state of Indiana.

The problem, we need to be there in 2 weeks for her to start, but our apartments will not let us out of our lease for anything without a fee, which we can't afford. They are requiring 2 months rent so a total of ($2884). I didn't want to but I've already sold my guitar and some of my sons toys and clothes to help us but we can't come up with the money so I set up a go fund me page in hopes our truth community would be able to help us at all.

I'm not asking you to donate or anything, if you did it'd be appreciated but understand not everyone has to give as we wouldn't. But what I'm asking is if you guys could share this as I do not have any social media but an instagram. You can add me to confirm identity or anything @bad_wolffff.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Here is our link to our go fund me if you do want to help out.

Thank you for your time,

Kyle Devine

Posted : March 15, 2018 1:28 PM