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Compulsion, 2018: What Kubrick did not show in Eyes Wide Shut?

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The movie depicts an elite meeting at a castle, where a sexually themed party is held and humans are sacrificed, thus attracting negative entities and presumably offering some bodies of the participants for possession of these entities.

The movie could be interpreted as additional content of the movie Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick), especially depicting what happens during the orgy, into which Bill Harford stumbles. Lightening, pace and aesthetics are similar, although not the same. The movie evolves rather slowly, I did not read the description beforehand and was surprised by the evolvement of the initially sexual theme.

The general storyline of the female protagonist is how emotional pain leads to self harming as well as kinky sexuality, which potentially opens up the path to human sacrifice. This subjective storyline is mirrored in the general storyline.

There are also some beautiful, sexual scenes.

The negative entities are attracted by the sacrifice as well as the sexuality. The bizarre masks worn by some party guests are hinting not only at the BDSM culture, but at demonic possession.

The movie depicts extreme violence when necessary, as the usual horror movie does, especially the throat of a woman is slight. If you cannot stomach that, do not watch it. Personally, the most disturbing the is not the displayed violence but the knowledge that human sacrifice is practiced within the midst of society. Whether it is practiced by the elite is up for discussion, but logic dictates that it really happens.


Posted : March 10, 2018 9:02 AM