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Columbus Day Red Pill (F*** You, "Chris")

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The “Divine Right” of Monarchy was SO last millennium... haha... wait, WTF is that?!

Consider the following evidence & tell me we're not still essentially ruled by Pharaohs who claim the “authority of God” (or Goddess)...

Christopher COLUMBUS is supposedly the namesake of our country and others, but it is the goddess COLUMBIA who represents the wisdom to rule others, and the ability to veil the truth to some and not others. This VIRGIN Goddess is associated with VIRGO, who rules the COLON, or digestive tract (a kind of veil or filter), which in turn effects your bodies COLOGNE and COLOR. Those who would rule others deploy COLONELs to manage armies and establish COLONIES. The P.I.E. linguistic root *KEL- means both "to conceal, cover, save" and "to be prominant; a hill". In Tarot 2 The High Priestess represents the Goddess, she is depicted between two COLUMNs, in the middle where knowledge and powers comes to head or hill, or CULMINates.

-Christopher COLUMBus: supposedly "discovered" America - genocidal maniac – his name loosely translates to “the anointing fire of the Goddess (or the Dove of the Holy Spirit)”

-District of COLUMBIA: The Non-State, Non-Voting Legal Entity from which America is run, nestled between VIRGINia & MARYland.

-COLUMBIA: The Virgin Goddess, associated with Venus (5-pointed orbit), The Harvest, The Seed, The Veil concealing The Torch or The Flame of Truth Her crown has 7 points - the "Virgin Number"

-COLUMBIA Pictures: Their logo is The Virgin holding a torch: our Lady Liberty

“The first Columbia pictures logo was the image of a female Roman fighter holding a shield and a wheat stick in her hands. The logo was in use from 1924 until 1928.
In 1928, the Torch lady was introduced. She wore a headdress and held a torch with sparks radiating from it.” -primary business is propaganda/brainwashing a.k.a. “Veiling the truth”

COLUMBIA Records: Their logo is a stylized all-seeing-eye atop a pyramid
-primary business is propaganda/brainwashing a.k.a. “Veiling the truth”

COLUMBIA Clothing: Their logo is a thinly-veiled Swastika

COLUMBIA University: Previously "King's College" – Royal 1754-1776 / Private 1776-present / motto: “In Thy light we see light.”

COLUMBIA University Press: [Crown made out of a bent pentagram]

COLUMBIA College: (CC = 33) Their logo is the Vesica Pisces, otherwise known as The Grail or Chalice and associated with The Goddess. Training for the Coast Guard.

From the website: “The college is a nonsectarian school welcoming all students regardless of religious affiliation; however, Columbia College is affiliated by covenant with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)."

COLUMBIA, Missourri: more Vesica Pisces in their logo

COLUMBIA Business School: in the 1950s, the School adopted the Hermes emblem as its symbol, reflecting the entrepreneurial nature of the Greek god Hermes and his association with business, commerce and communication.

COLUMBIA: South America, supposedly named for Christopher COLUMBus, seals and coat-of-arms carry all the regular emblems of The Goddess: grain, two pillars (High Priestess Tarot card), a laurel of olive leaves, mention of Liberty, and the eagle/vulture of Rome which represents the constellation LYRA holding the harp of Hermes.

British COLUMBIA: Neighboring America, ruled by Queen Elizabeth II, where she made 10 children disappear

COLUMBINE: A five-pointed flower whose blossom imitates the orbit of Venus, similar to The Rose

COLUMBINE High School: April 20, 1999 First major false flag school shooting, launched the disarm-the-public agenda

COLUMBIA Shuttle flight: April 12, 1983

For those THCers who are hip to the Catholic rule through the Legalese of The Dead (Corporation = Dead Body) will appreciate this connection:
columbarium (n.)
"subterranean sepulchre in ancient Roman places with niches for urns holding remains," 1540s, neuter of Latin columbarius, "dove-cote" (the funereal place so called from resemblance), literally "pertaining to doves;" from columba "dove, pigeon."

Posted : October 8, 2018 5:32 PM
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You had me at genocidal maniac.

Posted : October 10, 2018 2:36 AM