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Another 9/11 piece never talked about

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Here's another poece of information that I thought was suspicious that I never heard anything about.

After the first 9/11 commission type report didn't come out in the favor of the puppet masters they decided to conduct their own "investigation"/"report". They needed SOMEONE...ANYONE, to "scientifically validate" the rapid straight down freefall of the very well built steel/concrete building. For the concrete part they involved a guy to create a whole new theory dealing with high temperatures and concrete and how it could all make sense. He did his part and just a few short months later he had his own television show! Hmm....who could this guy be?

None other than Scott Wolter, host of the History Channel show, America Unearthed!

I found this interesting and have never heard anyone bring it up before. Just another curious tidbit to add to the tall mountain of curious tidbits.

Posted : November 24, 2015 3:45 AM