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Hollow Earth & Star Cores

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Here I would like to propose a realistic theory that encompasses both the "Hollow Earth" information AND actual scientific information. I believe there is a solution for both, and I know I'm NOT the first one to discuss it, but I rarely hear it brought up.
I believe a lot of the stories Greg has shared about the Hollow Earth are possibly true. But the Earth is definitely not hollow like a bell, or an inflated ball, or like a jug. It is easily verifiable that the Earth has several layers of various types of matter at different densities; you learn how to prove this in Geography 101 with earthquake P & S waves. All physics backs this up as well; the density and heat increase towards the center. But, this is all information about the AVERAGE distribution. There could be very large anomalies (gaps or high densities) within these layers that would not be readily discovered in the data.
Modern Humans have never penetrated the crust of the Earth, or frankly been a significant distance into it (it's 20-80km thick, deepest humans have dug is 12km). Everywhere we've searched in the crust we've found life. And, as we know from Greg's stories, people have encountered all sorts of entities and realms within the caves of the crust.
I would posit that the most obvious and realistic solution is that there are very large and essentially stable underground cave systems, deeper within the crust then people go to (and return from to speak about). All sorts of entities could live down there, permanently, including ones whom earlier lived on the surface. There could be naturally occurring ecosystems which get energy from the mantle, rather then the sun. It's even possible that they could construct artificial structures that can exist in the molten rock upper mantle of the Earth, and they could have launched cities in artificial "bubbles" into the mantle.
I know this has been discussed before, but the hollow-shell theory gets brought up so much, and it's so easy to prove false that I feel it compromises our position as a community.

Okay so there are definitely a crust and upper/lower mantle, upper/lower core, but what's really in the Middle? Well, from earthquakes we know the Inner Core is solid iron. But we have no idea what's inside of that! Science really doesn't have any information for what is at the true center, inside the iron core. It is likely that the heaviest metals present during the formation of the Earth fell down there and have formed some sort of extremely dense object, probably a crystal, which just means there is some sort of geometrically ordered structure to these heavier-than-iron atoms.
If you study Nassim Haramein's work in physics, as I know Greg does, you can posit that there is a "black hole" of some size at the center of every amalgamation of matter. I believe this is accurate, and that a "black hole" is really a connection from the physical matter & energy universe to the Spiritual/Ethereal realm. For the human body this exists at the Third Eye and we experience it as a tunnel. For the Earth and other planetary bodies (including Stars) this may exist in the very center.
We can set up a reliable analogy here between planets & animals (including humans). The inner core of solid iron is analogous to a skull. The complex crystal of metals inside is analogous to a brain. And at the center of all is the very same "black hole"/Third eye/Spirit core.

Can this be true of other planets? Well, mostly we don't know, since we know less about them than Earth, and only have recently started collecting seismic quake information on Mars, for instance. But it seems like planets can take on a very wide array of layers of different densities of different groups of molecules. To say it another way, every planet is like a tube where you throw in a unique mix of different stuff, and shake it a unique way, but they will tend to settle out into layers. With astronomy, we can only see through layers that are penetrable by light (by definition). And we can gain info about overall properties due to interactions. But it does seem to be the law that the heavier stuff moves to the middle of the planet, so it is certainly possible that every planet would at some point have a dense core and could have a Spirit Connection in the core as well.

And stars? We know even less, still. I want people to please keep in mind 2 facts, though, as we get into this topic. 1 - What astronomers & the public call "black holes" are really just Stars that are so heavy that light can't escape. They aren't magically different than other stars. Just heavier, and denser. If you could see in Gravity Waves (in addition to light waves) "Black Holes" would just look like 'brighter' (more massive) stars. 2 - What is hollow? What is matter? All matter is essentially hollow! It's all just waves along the spatial grid of the universe, and when waves collide it's tangible as a particle. The more you zoom in, the more you see there is empty space between everything. A rock is essentially as "hollow" as a glass of water, or a balloon, or even the near vacuum of space within the solar system. Or plasma! So when we debate whether the Sun is 'hollow' because it's a gas or a plasma or solid or 'empty' it's kind of meaningless. And, again, it's not literally empty or a vacuum. We do know that much. It is some type of matter, generally sorted into layers of increasing energy/heat & density, moving around in some complex way which, like a brain, both follows ALL physical laws, but may also be receptive to Thought & Will streaming through the Spirit Core, and in that way may be very much Alive & Conscious, and be aware of parts of its body which we humans have no real awareness of, which become clear only at greater scales of space & time & with visibility of gravity and more of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

Debate welcome. Thanks

Posted : February 14, 2021 8:14 PM
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ive heard the reason the earth, mars, venus.. are so small is because they shrunk. they are supposed to be the size of neptune and uranus, they lost the power they had when they were in higher dimentions. mars is dead so it shrunk the most. mars isnt that old too, venus is older then earth. venus and mars had human or alien life. ya the earth has a sun in the center and its not really hallow, more like it has a lot of holes like honeycomb. imagine if earth was as big as neptune and other planets had life.

Posted : February 14, 2021 10:37 PM