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im just wondering if you’ve ever did anything sexual with a guy in your day? I know you had a gay uncle. Jeez, im not very emotional but when you were discussing your uncle’s story and the police shit he had to go through it broke my heart. I had a rock in my throat when you were talking. Hopefully I can find a man that is a truther. Greg, your chill vibe and open mind is what I look for in a dude. But unfortunately the gay community that I’ve witnessed, makes it really difficult to find a boyfriend that isn’t super materialistic and ‘femmy’. Anyways that was a tangent I didn’t anticipate talking about hahaha

Posted : October 16, 2017 7:58 PM
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I know this isn't directed at me but since it's posted on the forum I hope on not out of line by responding.
I spent most of my formative years as a goth/punk and all I wanted was to be solid with a goth/punk girl (they were very rare in St. Louis in the 80s). After several horrible relationships I met a girl that was the furthest thing from a goth/punk, she was a southern belle that was into athletics.
My opinion is that attachments based on affinities can go deeper but usually crumble at the first fight, relationship based on shared core values (truth, selflessness, commitment, the natural beauty of life, etc) will more likely weather the storms of interpersonal conflicts. My wife thinks 911 was exactly what the Bush administration says, it would be cool if we could bond over ancient aliens, suppressed tech and hollow earth but we've got other stuff that reinforces our attachment.

I only know a little bit about the gay community in my area. My wife used to work for the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (an overwhelming number of hearing sign language interpreters are homosexuals... take that to mean whatever you want) and became close friends with a few people in the local gay community. I can't speak for the gay community in the rest of the nation but once you get away from the bar/club scene in the DC area the dating pool is pretty diverse. With all the politics, military bases, national association HQs and foreign embassies there is no shortage of homosexuals that break any sort of stereotype that you might be frustrated with. Hope something I said is encouraging.

and... just to address the elephant in the room. your first sentence is basically asking a person to 'out' himself. From the few homosexuals I know, I'm told that it is inappropriate to ask and that if a person is ready they with disclose their orientation on their own.

"yea... those damn nano-diamonds" -Greg Carlwood

Posted : October 23, 2017 1:38 PM
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Thanks for your response, I do understand the differences between the bar scene vs others. What you said was fascinating and had great points. As for my first question, i know Greg is married so I figure he can’t really ‘out’ himself. I was just wondering if he’s ever fooled around. I don’t necessarily think outing one self and admitting to curiousity of the past as the same thing.

Posted : November 2, 2017 11:24 PM
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Yowser! What an opener, eh? *spins bottle Never have I ever ________.

As liberal as I am, my stomach clenched a little for you, if you are into reading your forum posts. In fact, I'm kinda glad there was no answer to this very old posting B-CuZ #1) mystery is marketable #2.) We obviously know the answer now. Mazel Tov!!! Greg + Theresa Forever~ awww*

I do have a "gay" bone to pick with you though,sir. Wait! That didn't come off right,but you know what I mean.
I get you have your "gay uncle" and that experience. *squints eyes I get that you support all kinds of people from all walks of life,yada yada yada....
BUT TELL ME, good sir, in your ENTIRE (now) VAST CATALOGUE of killer shows - Have you ever had a "gay guest" on?
Hold on-
I know what you are thinking -
You've invitedRupaul & she just won't response....

Plus, That's not really an appropriate question put on the potential guest application, not to mention, none of anyone else's business - BUT - do you realize how many of us listen to you? Do you know how many OF US have supported you, even when you were a itttty,bitttty,teeeeeny weeeney-(pardon the expression - poetic license & all) -pissant lil' round table podcast?

- I don't want a prize or a cookie for what I give & support freely. It's not like that.That is not where I'm coming from)

& ,aside from the better-late-than-never inspiring story about your Uncle - I might have never know you were even cool with us...or worse, assumed you were a bit....well,a bit Duck Dynasty on the issue.
**Now, i don't want this tone getting nasty & aggressive - that is not my intention with writing this novel reponse .

Nor, am I trying to pick a fight with anyone.

I am simply making an observation, in which, I will be happy to be corrected about...however, I've been roaming through the Archives before writing this response.... Even the ones I downloaded from your catalogue that are not upon the site....and NADA. Not even a hint of gay people anywhere.
..well, at least, not outed ones. (Don't worry. I would never do that. =x)
I realize that you are not a gay advocate or have any responsibility to be. You are,however, a highly respected & admired podcaster in whom, IF THERE IS ANYONE DECENT left in this genre, it is you...and again, I appreciate you sharing the very personal family details. We were certainly listening when you first announced it...Ya know, discussing it in all our monthly agenda meetings.

I'm not really asking for anything,as I know you aren't anti- gay. You've made it a point many times to point out the difference between the words "homosexual" & "pedophile" & I have commented to let you know it is sincerely appreciated. * It's important you feel like I"m not busting your balls, but really maybe, I am a little.

Who am I to have the balls to do such a thing? Well, i've left enough threads to answer that question by now.
On a capitalistic side note, I'm looking VERY FORWARD to the THC Grinder & Moon Shirt (too funny!) that I ordered today from The Higherside Clothing Company.
Did my order number strike you as odd? It struck me as

Here's hoping you aren't really all EDDIE BRAVO when the microphone is off. Don't kill the messenger,yo 😉 Happy 4-20!

Posted : April 21, 2018 1:43 AM