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Hey y’all Alex Trismegistus here, former guest and enjoyer of all things THC. 

I wanted to provide some more info for listeners who enjoyed the discussion on Cathars with Richard Stanley. I had no idea the dude who directed Color out of space was so THC adjacent but it makes perfect sense when listening to him.

Heres a link to a great write up and discussion on Cathay we had on Stolenhistory back in the day. I recommend you check out both links, the first is the OP and the second are the archived replies and discussion from the archived version of SH that was shut down in 2020.

Here is a relevant thread on Cathars referring to an old video by New Earth - Sylvie also being a former THC guest. 

In short the Cathars are quite the rabbit hole, having connections to the Scythians and by extension the Tartars. 

On a related note to this discussion I also highly recommend checking out this fascinating thread where a researcher makes the argument that Biblical Israel is in fact France. It is an interesting and compelling argument, and considering Stanley’s description of what he has experienced there I wonder if there isn’t something to it…

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think and thanks Greg for another banger of an episode! 

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