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Multi-disciplinary designer— Jumping off the cog

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Hey THC friends,

I figured this would be the proper place to post, but if not let me know and I'm happy to move this thread elsewhere.

I'm a 25-yr-old strategic, content, and experiential designer living in Seattle who has spent the last few years spinning the corporate cog to make ends meet and gain experience in whatever ways I could. I was fortunate to gain an exceptional set of skills during my last several years as a designer, and am now looking to make a pivot towards activating that skill set in a new way. More recently, I finally decided to say fuck it and left my 9-5 job at a creative agency to try freelancing and acquire work that I deemed more worth my time and efforts— something that can actually make a difference, something I want to get up and work hard on knowing it has a greater impact. It's been a slow and challenging process, but what I've come to realize is that I have surely made the right decision in getting away from that terrible 9-5 slavery, even if it's an uncomfortable and unstable feeling at times.

I wanted to reach out and post here in the hopes someone reading would have any need for freelance design work, or even a potential opportunity for a full-time gig doing something that really matters. I am committed to making this path work for me, and would love any feedback or insights into how other's have found success getting off the corporate map and seeking more meaningful ways to make a living.

Feel free to reply here or reach out to me directly! I'll let a link to my portfolio below so anyone can get an idea of what I've worked on in the past, and what sort of skill set I've developed from it.


Posted : May 21, 2018 4:57 PM
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Am also a designer and artist in Seattle. I don't see your link, can you post it?

Posted : June 3, 2018 3:25 AM