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Problem with the New Blubrry Player

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This new player doesn't have any graph device to restart, advance, or backup the stream if I need to skip around, such as to rewind back to a point when I may receive a phone call, knock at the door, or other interruption like just plain spacing it out after a big toke. I have to restart it from the beginning even if I only want to listen to a specific part. There is the 'arrow key' control that allows to move ahead or behind in the stream but that never seemed to work as advertised, i.e., 1 sec movement in either direction or using the control key with the arrow to move several minutes at a time - that seemed to come as it wanted to moving several minutes when I only wanted to back up a few seconds, or sometimes moving a second at a time until I used the control key once then it would always move several minutes in the stream even without the use of the control key. With the new player I've only had it move minutes for me and no graph to select a position, for example in middle of the show, to restart it and listen from there.

Sorry, Gregg, the 'New and Improved' doesn't seem to be.

Posted : March 1, 2016 6:33 PM
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Seems to have just been an issue with one of my plugins. It's been updated and I believe fixed.

You can always download the MP3 directly, which make sit easier to listen to on the media player of your choice as well. Either works. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted : March 2, 2016 9:12 PM
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All is well. Much thanks for the fix, amigo.

Posted : March 3, 2016 1:59 AM