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My Stick Figure Encounter. Have You Had A Fae Folk Encounter?

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A few years ago I had an encounter with a Stick Figure creature. One night I was home alone on my back porch doing some research on a tablet getting ready to record a show as I am a podcaster. It is a covered porch and it was raining really hard but the wind was not blowing so I could sit out there without worrying about getting wet. After an hour or so I decided to head in. As I got up I looked out in my backyard and saw what I can only describe as a walking stick figure, go from behind my shed across a twenty foot section of open grass and then disappeared behind my neighbors tree next to the back of his garage. It was about three feet in height.

My backyard in about a quarter of an acre in size and I do not have a fence. The neighbor directly behind me always has a light on in his yard which backlit the figure as it moved across my yard. 

The strangest part (as if seeing a three foot walking stick figure in my yard wasn't enough) was it seemed to have a bubble around it preventing the downpour from getting to the figure. Like a forcefield type shield. This shield completely encompassed the stick figure extending at least 6 inches out from the top of the head and then down around the body. I could see the rain bouncing off the top of it. 

The whole encounter took only a few moments but I was able to look at it long enough to know that what I was seeing. 

Over the years since I have read stories of others seeing stick figures but none described a protective field around it but none of the ones I found it was raining so it could have been there but just not observable. 

I attached a diagram drawing of the layout for reference.

Has anyone heard of anything similar?

Has anyone on here had a Fae Folk encounter? Can be an Elf, Gnome, Leprechaun, Pixie, Little People Of The Forest, Stick Figure or anything else that could be considered a Fae Folk. I am actually working on a film project and I am looking for others in the U.S. that have had encounters to tell their stories. 


Posted : March 29, 2022 1:58 PM
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I once bumped into a gnome!  At least, I think it was a gnome, it could have been one of the various other small goodly folk.

I was visiting what I'll call a bit of a magical place/hippie colony.  Really nice people, liked to keep to themselves, and the magical group I was in had basically rented space there to perform rituals.

The gnome I glanced was probably only about two feet tall.  I only caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye, but he did read as humanoid.  I have been seeing entities my entire life, and this is one of only two times I've seen something tiny.  I got a real feeling of surprise from him.

Posted : May 6, 2022 9:40 AM
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Have you listened to the 'Modern Fairy Sightings' podcast? People telling their stories just like this one. The last interview was with Mike 'Owl Guy' Clelland.  Well worth a listen xXx 

Posted : May 10, 2022 9:22 AM
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@samtran72 I have not!  But I will check it out--thanks for the head's up.

Posted : May 11, 2022 4:30 AM
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i saw a gnome family in the 5th grade while on a field trip at a garnet was a group of us who saw them... in grad school i tried to get back on the property to look for them. i asked the lady who owned the property, she said i couldnt get on the property b/c of insurance reasons. but i asked her if she had ever seen any little people on the property... she paused... thought about it and said, actually she had.  saw a group of little people swimming in the creek after a big rain. she was with her kids. she said they had big beards and looked old. i asked if she said anything to them and she said no, that they were scared and got out of there real quick. 

this is mountains of nc. 

what is funny to me about my story from the 5th grade is that my parents maintained it was a 'midget family' that we had seen. funny to me because the explanation is more strange than the theory it was gnomes. because what in gods name was a midget family doing in the woods? and why didnt the family come and complain to the teacher that the kids were harassing them... or tell us kids to fuck off.  because we were watching them all day.  one naughty kid snuck down close and threw a rock at them. 

all i remember is that one had a hat with a feather in it. and there were birds walking around with them. maybe chickens or something. and it was a family, like some smaller than others.  


also, the native americans in the region report seeing little people.  and lots of people have reported seeing gnomes in nc and tenn moutain regions. 


also, ive had encounters with bigfoot.... but didnt see one...and my friend has had telepathic dreams with a big foot shaman...long story with that....


and i met someone who has telepathic connection with elves. meaning he communicates with them but doesnt seem them in the flesh so to say.


my friend swears he bought herb from two elves from kentucky at bonnarro many years ago. he took pics of them. and they did have pointy ears. and they didnt look like the kind of ears you just put the little plastic tips on.  


he was tripping at time and swears he was quite sure they were indeed elves. said the woman elf gave real bad vibes off.  and he shook the males hand and he said the hand was super rough, like he worked with his hands a whole lot. 

i always thought it was interesting that they said they were from kentucky with all the caves and what not... my mind went back to this story when i saw hellier.  


now of course... you can think that my friend tripping adds more creedence to the story or less....  i can see it both ways.  also this friend claims to have been attacked by a skinwalker .  


this dude has a real job, wife, kids,... so if he is 'crazy'... he isn't =that= crazy, lol.  



Posted : May 16, 2022 5:44 PM
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@frater222 Aw Man, I'd love to have an experience like that, that's amazing. Also I would shit my pants. But it would be well worth shat pants.

Posted : May 18, 2022 7:52 PM
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