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Orgone/Qi Generation by ARK Crystals?

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Nassim Haramein, briefly, goes pretty deep with Mr. Carlwood into Æther Physics and the work he is doing with Torus Tech. And from other interviews around the internet, Nassim goes slightly deeper into the esoteric aspects his work. Which leads me to believe he may be an initiate of the Egyptian Mysteries

My main question is if anyone in this community has purchased an ARK crystal and has experimented with the energy it emits. I tend to suspend both belief and disbelief about most things, but after these interviews on THC, I was convinced to buy one. After having certain experiences with these crystals I ended up buying 2 more lol, there really is something powerful about these crystals. And I'm not a crystal fanatic, I only have like 5 cool natural quartz crystals I've found in a San Diego Gem Faire

From what I see, Nassim is practically creating a singularity in his lab with his toroidal HFR machine by spinning the æther using plasma and creating a vortex field with a frequency of F# in 432 Hz? So he places these ARK Crystals in this field for some time allowing for the crystals atoms and subatomic particles to spin/oscillate and synchronize with the æther so that when you receive the final product they are indefinitely "ringing" energy and each vertex of the crystal is constantly emitting ~100 photons per second! which means the crystal is receiving this energy from the æther. So far Nassim's team has studied how these crystals structure water and the positive health benefits in plants. And now they are studying the effects on human cells in vitro.

From my studies it appears to be the same energy described in the Orient as Qi, Prana, Vril, and Orgone by Wilhelm Reich, and Nassim Haramein hints its similar technology to the Ark of the Covenant which was used to structure the underground water around Europe at all the cathedrals. So practically, these crystals are emitting this Life Energy from the source field of creation.

Hopefully Nassim will be more open about diving deep into these esoteric things hes holding back including how he had experiences with extraterrestrial in his youth. Also in lecture he did in Brazil he described how some ancient artifacts he has in his possession "interact" with his HFR machine and suddenly the video clip cuts out and he goes on with his lecture. In another interview he describes how one can use these ARK Crystals to contact UFOs/UAPs and that when he was living in his van he was taken to the "Galactic Federation" for his opinion on some matter happening on Earth. 😀

He tends to be superficial with these topics for obvious reasons. All this may sound "crazy" to the average person but thankfully we're all open minded stoners and I can't wait for Nassim to be more open about all this

Posted : January 16, 2022 3:21 AM