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Podverse - play while in background

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Hello all, I’m a new member. I usually listen to podcasts on apple podcasts, so this is my first time using the podverse app. Every time I minimize the app the podcast stops playing. Is there anyway to get it to continue playing even while I have other apps open? Thanks

Posted : February 2, 2022 11:18 PM
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Hi, I had some different issues with Podverse, but maybe I can help. Make sure you have the latest build. Are you on Android or Apple? In Android it might be a battery saver setting or something that is stopping it. Contact Podverse support. they are very responsive. They are probably going to ask you if you are logged into the app or not. I found it deleted all my subscriptions when I logged in, so beware. If you are unfamiliar with Github, create an account, go to the ios or android app page for podverse, click the issues tab, and create a new issue.  

If you are on android, you might want to try the Antennae pod app. I find it works better with private password protected RSS feeds. It doesn't have chapters unfortunately though. If you are on ios, then maybe try to add THC plus in their app    There are also all these podcast apps you could try

Posted : February 4, 2022 4:28 AM