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Hi everyone. Greetings from UK , warrington

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i have been listening into the chats for a good few years and due to recent circumstances (A reverse synchronicity ) i felt the need to pop on inside this forum as the time was right.

i started online with Bush 'breakfasts' and an intrigue in what they get upto at these functions. Then into Alex Jones, then 9/11 happened ... spent a bit too much time on forums like and scholars for truth etc 9/11 pretty much dominated my life for a good while , i would read around the issue .. venturing into odd subjects but always dragged back to it.

a background in higher education to a reasonable level with media, culture, sociology helped me when reading around subjects

married with kids , in suburbia didnt really push me into socialising or being part of a group as such but i like the local area and a few people

then covid started and luckily my wife was intune with me and others who were aghast at the lunacy developing out in the open. i have never really joined society or culture , i never liked the group think or the conformity and so found myself in a deja-vu life for a couple of years like in my teenage and early twenties when i found it difficult in relating to other people and their decision making.

Now i work as a self employed courier to one firm to bring in money and recently had the idea (from the Texas Slim interview) to setup a 'local farm food' delivery business. i will endevour

so a big hi to everyone on here i look forward to posting if i have anything relevant to add





Posted : November 14, 2022 1:20 PM
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