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Hello from a Canadian farmer/homesteader, Greg keep on the path!

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Just wanted to say to Greg specifically (but I can't see a way to directly contact him via the website/forum), keep doing what your doing, keep on this path towards homesteading!

I'm born and raised in Canada's biggest city of Toronto. I first got into conspiracy theories and contrarian worldviews as a teenager back during the post 9/11 era,  "Weapons of Mass Destruction; you're with us or against us; axis of evil," and at the time also dabbled into left-anarchist and libertarian critiques of corporate globalization, imperialism/colonialism. A few years later, I felt excited both by occupy Wall Street and the tea party, it seemed to me that both were populist (anti elitist), and it also seemed to me that "rednecks" and "hippies" had much in common (a live and let live attitude). Meanwhile I fell in love with nature and with the rural pace of life and scenery.

It has since seemed to me that the best way to liberate ourselves and our fellow humans from systems of oppression is to become as self-sufficienct as possible, and to help uplift our communities through voluntary cooperation. I firmly believe that whether one leans "left" or "right," whether one is concerned about pollution or not, whether one wants to make a profit or just make a "living," that attempting to produce ones own food/water/medicine/energy is an honourable goal, and that making a living selling food seems like the least corrupt thing a human can do. It seems to me that "permaculture" (depending on how you define it) is a great body of ideas and tools to help someone create edible landscapes, fit homes into those landscapes, and overall reduce ones reliance on the globalized supply chain and the money system, albeit its almost impossible to avoid using money for some inputs, and for property taxes etc. My partner and I have now been fully supporting ourselves with a permaculture oriented farm business for around 5 years, and hope to open up our farm in some way to become an "eco village" in coming years.


Greg I first found your podcast in late 2020 during peak corona-mania, was a plus member for part of 2021, and signed up again now because I want to help fund your goal of buying land. (Also because now going in the winter, I have time to catch up on months worth of full-length episodes). My THC+ member is paid for 100% by my farm business (my sole source of income), by the sale of organically grown (but not "certified") veggies and herbs direct-to-consumer. Maybe I'm tooting my own horn too much here? I suppose I'm just hoping to inspire others, and to help encourage Greg to keep on the path, keep talking solutions especially food.

Posted : November 8, 2022 5:46 PM