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Just listening to the Scientology fair game podcast which is leah remini and mark rinder therapising each other for hours on end, sometimes with guests...

Anyway, I got to these episodes about how elron Hubbard was into crowley and Scientology was a mass ritual to gain power

"In the attempt to bring the devil to the world, he would then go on to create a magical ceremony which would incorporate human beings as elements within the Scientology is a way of creating power for elron Hubbard...on the level of controlling peoples minds so utterly he will be able to vampirically use that energy

Gets to that bit around 40 mins but before that he mentions Hubbard doing sex magic to invoke the scarlet woman...

Just makes me think about all the other types of vampire like energy draining that's going on elsewhere

And although Scientology recruitment is dwindling in the main stream, the managed to get the Nation of Islam on board which has 20,000 members and access to the wider black community in America... not just NOI either, they are infiltrating churches which we know are often corrupt so will be very easy

Episode name:. The life and lies of L Ron Hubbard part 2

Posted : November 23, 2021 10:24 AM