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Would an EMP or a Carrington event destroy nano tech in human bodies?

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Would an EMP or a Carrington event destroy nano tech in human bodies?

Just read a post by Greg Reese about Nano tech being in vaxxed and unvaxxed via shedding etc. Which made me think that the reason they were giving joints and hamburgers for people to get the jab was possibly because they needed enough critical mass of human body nano tech replicators to shed to the rest of the unvaxxed population.

Maybe this is old news for some.. but it's intense to say least and I'm curious if anyone has any ideas for a cure or defense.

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Shit that’s disturbing 

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A Carrington event should not work on the nanobots.   Carrington event burnouts need a miles long antenna line to burn stuff out.

Nuclear emp is from microwave production from high speed particle collisions and is more effective but not totally as without wires

it is easy to shield and mitigate.   An artificial emp pulse may work.  I'm concerned that it may backfire and energize the bots rather than burn them out if not done at a high enough intensity.    Signal tracing transmitting nanobots for tag and trace were patented in the 1990s so there has been plenty of time to develope self replicating nanobots.   The bots are supposed to show up on bluetooth.

I would want to limit the juice given to the nanobots until sure I have enough coupled intensity to burn them out.  Just irradiating them could fertilize them.   My view has been that they are tag and trace bots and not actively harmful or involved in protein template modifications.   If one has the bluetooth channel(s) showing up it is fairly straighforward to create a pulse but care must be given to shielding from satellite detection and to protect nearby auto ,computer , cell , IT and heart pacemaker technology.