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US Slavery Reparations

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Just finished listening to Dean Henderson | Royal Bloodline Wetiko, The Civilization Sin, & The Congo Conspiracy  episode and towards the end, Greg briefly spoke on reparations.  As long time member, I felt the need to throw in my 2 cents on the topic:

1. San Fran as a city should not be exploring local government-based reparations. UNIQUE American chattel slavery was federally sponsored terrorism and discrimination and it is the federal government's responsibility to atone and PAY for its multigenerational plunder.

2. The justice claim for reparations is NOT about flat blackness, current slavery or any other topic. This is a LINEAGE based justice claim, nothing more, nothing less.  This has NOTHING to do with Congolese reparations, Ghanian Reparations, Brazilian reparations or any other part of the world where a justice claim could be made to the respective governments.

3. Reading: The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein is a great follow up to the federal injustices that have happened post slavery.

4. America the government, has literally paid reparations for slavery.....TO SLAVE OWNERS. i">

5. Lineage based payments are not a new concept in America. I can cite many examples.

6. If you are going to talk about reparations to anyone, I would suggest Yvette Carnell and no one else.

TLDR - The federal government owes about 10% of the population for lineage based unpaid earnings as well as terroristic and discriminatory policies.
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My conversation with the new Google AI person Bard LLM on Bantu African Americans rite of return and disability payments for 10 years