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Hi Greg.

I grew up in Norfolk Massachusetts in the early 80s.   When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade there was some Satanist/Cult stuff going on, ~1984.   Not sure what really happened, but I know there was some letter that went home to parents from school.   Supposedly there were some hacked up animal remains that were found across the street from my house and I remember cops asking me questions when I got in unrelated trouble.   Just wanted to pass along what I remember from elementary school.   

Certainly, some overlap with this documentary....

Ping my anytime if you have any questions. 


Charlie Pyne





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Were you near a town or city that ends in -ton? When Jay Parker was on THC, he said towns that end in -ton were established as illuminati-bloodline controlled SRA run communities.

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i too grew up in the bridgewater triangle.  i definitely recall being stalked in the woods by something i could only suggest was a cryptid.  i'd also add that this area of land was Wampanoag.  look up wendigo.  not to mention, sinister forces.  the native people knew how to live on the land, and where to avoid.  my best guess was they knew to avoid the triangle.  also, this area was regional to the south weymouth naval air base.  who knows what went on there?