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Soon to be father, vaccine questions

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Hello All,

Long time listener. Been a plus member for years now. As the title suggests I have a newborn on the way and my wife and I are having the dreaded vaccine discussion. Luckily for me she's generally distrustful of modern academia and medicine but the vaccine leap is hard for her to make. 


I'm of the opinion that its over and the pharma companies have won and regulation is dead. Even if immunization via subdermal innoculation is sound science, they don't make vaccines like they used to. However, I understand I need to do what's required to have them be allowed in the New York Public School System. 

Any suggestions on what the bare minimum I can do to make sure my kids are valid for school but allowing the least chances possible for them to have an adverse effect? Thanks 

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I don't know your level of knowledge and awareness so deep dive here! 

I think a few places to find info are with Del Bigtree.  He is also involved with this site-    He and Dr Wakefield did the movie VAXXED and I think there is also a VAXXED 2.  Both of you watch those if you have not.  The RSV shot is being pushed.  DO NOT get it or let your baby get it.  Dr McCullough did an interview a few months back with a French doc who cannot speak out in France.  She said the mortality rates of newborns is far higher in those getting it and those who's mom got it while pregnant. 

This link came up when I did a NY search but it might get you to more specific stuff.  Also RFK Jr is involved in this but regardless of your political leaning, it is a good place for info.  Barbara Loe Fischer cofounded which has state by state info on waivers. She is among the longest fighting parents on the dangers of vaccines-all of them, not just the c19 shot.  Her site shows that NY appears only to have medical waivers but an enlightened doc may allow it.   Steve Kirsch has a good substack, as does Dr Peter McCullough.  Dr Sherry Tenpenny also has researched the long term damages of childhood shots. 

Dr Paul Thomas is a pediatrician that got suspended (spuriously) for a study on his patients over their time in his practice which clearly showed that a slower schedule translated to less side effects and the less shots, the less long and short term issues.  It showed that the incidence of chronic illnesses not associated with vaccines (of all kinds) were significantly higher, illnesses like asthma, allergies, ADHD, etc.   The demonization of docs that are going against the narrative is standard procedure from mainstream press.  That includes 'fact checkers' which are an arm of same.  Dr Tenpenny just got her license reinstated for similar issues.  Dr Andrew Wakefield lost his despite the now clear conclusions that he was correct.  He was pilloried in the press and is still 'debunked' and dishonored.

If you do searches there is so much censorship now that what comes up will be mainstream so do not be discouraged by the articles that come up saying disparaging things about these and other docs/sites. Also, do not use google.  Bing or duckduckgo, startpage and others use google data but the algorithms are different  Everyone I have named back up their positions with research and data and clinical experience.  They also pay a price to speak out so why do it if it is not true? 

For a deeper understanding you have to go back and look at smallpox, the flu in WW1, Pertussis and such-the presentation of the vax for these are precluded by huge drops in cases PRIOR to the shots mainly from better sanitation and nutrition.  That is a bigger dive than the immediate issue but be open to the idea that what we have been told is incorrect or deliberate lies.  One cannot separate the outside influences of industry and govt from the medical aspect and it is a bitter pill.

I realize this is a little bit about a lot. I dont know if I answered your query or not.   Others that listen to Greg will surely offer more info for you to start your search for answers.  My personal view after learning what I have is that for the health of your baby, I would not recommend any vax.  I no longer vax my animals either.  Babies have an immature immune system so what are you stimulating?   Some of the adjuvents used are neurotoxic and for one of the metals in them (aluminum or mercury/thimerosol) the injected amount exceeds the 'safe' limit of oral intake.  The hypocrisy is astounding.  Again, this is so general and the devil is always in the details.  Changes abound but it will be a place to start.

Regards, Louise R

N of Colville, Wa

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This is one of the best reviews of the risk/benefits of childhood vaccines. Good luck.

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I encourage all new parents to read the book Vaccines: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide by Aviva Rom.


It's an excellently compiled book of the hard data behind the risks of each disease for which there is a vaccine and the known risks and benefits of each vaccine.


In the interest of transparency, my wife and I decided not to vaccinate any of our young children at all. We do, however, remain open to the idea that some vaccines may be a good choice in some circumstances.

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I have a one year old. We refused ALL vaccines, and it was tough, they were pressuring us beyond belief. Fear mongering, authoritative pressure etc. we stuck to our guns and denied all shots including at her checkups.

one year later she’s a happy, healthy baby. We have a friend who had a baby a month before and a neighbor who had a baby a month after; both baby got shots and continues to get shots, their kids are always sick, our luckily has not been sick beyond a cold ONE time. 

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@photonshaman Kudos for staying strong. I've had similar observations with vaxxed friend & family kids. We basically stopped going to check-ups anyway. We had a good doc in SD but just haven't bothered out here. We took my son Roman twice, and after the 2nd time my wife and I noticed that all they really did was get his weight and measure him and ask us if he's bene healthy. At that point we just figured if there's no problem, why even go? 


@heej Similar situation played into me leaving CA, on top of several other things. You can find "extended schedules" out there, and I would utilize that and find out what shots are required and do no more. I came to a point where, after the research I had done, I felt that any system that would *require* these shots, is already showing they aren't fit to educate/guide my kids. Good luck, it's not easy, but don't freak out. You have a few years. 

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@thecarlwood it was tough, and we did have to stay strong, the amount of pressure from all sides and people was a wake-up in and of itself. Thank you for your kind words Sir. 

@heej so during the delivery they asked if my wife had a covid-19 shot as that was “mandatory” for delivery (even in 2023). She did not have one but lied and said she did, when they asked her which one she said Pfizer and they did not ask for proof or anything they moved on. They wanted to give my baby a vitamin K shot, I asked what for. They said “well the baby can’t clot blood for a few months so we give it vitamin k shot to help stop the bleeding if you drop her or cut her.” I said, no we don’t need that shit because….we’re not going to drop the fucking baby or cut her. Then they wanted to give her a Hep-B shot. I asked what for, they said the baby could get fatal hep B if she’s bit by someone who has it or the mom (my wife) could give it to her. I said no we don’t need the shot, y’all tested my wife for Hep B less than 9 months ago and she doesn’t have Hep B and we’ll be sure not to let anyone bite our fucking child! “But sir, 800,000 people died from Hep B last year, the vaccine is 99% effective” and I flipped! “99% effective? Like the covid shot? That was then 90% effective and then 80% and then 70% and so on? No thanks! 800k deaths in a country of 300 million on a planet of 8 billion, stop trying to “lie with statistics” please!” And then finally, they wanted to rub silver ointment on my daughters eyes. I asked again, what for “well it’s to prevent the baby from getting any infections due to STD’s as she’s traveling through the birth canal and vagina” “ok, well, once again, y’all just tested her for std’s less than a week ago and she was clean, and secondly, y’all refuse to deliver the child naturally through the birth canal (they insisted on a C-Section because they claimed the baby was too big, we still regret giving them permission) so the baby won’t even come into contact with her vagina even if she did have an std, which she doesn’t, so no, no silver ointment on her eyes.

and we’ve had to have these sorts of dialogues at her checkups which we did for the 2 month and 6 month but have not been back, even for her 1 year because the girl is healthy man, she’s strong, happy, smart, fast, and all of our acquaintances kids are sick, slow, sad, it’s like they have no spark. Just do your research, ask questions, think critically and logically and you just have to make the best decision you can. Best of luck!

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