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Matrix Bridge for the THC Telegram

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I created a room on Matrix to host a bridge/mirror of the Telegram room. I am not on Telegram, so I need some help from someone on Telegram to complete the bridge. I tried to create a Telegram account just so I could do this, but they will not let me create an account on computer and not without giving them my phone number and they want the app on my phone. I am degoogled on CalyxOS with no SIM card and use SIP and XMPP to make calls, so I am not interested in giving my phone number or IMEI to a Russian potential honeypot messaging platform. Anyway, if someone in the THC Telegram group will invite @matrix_t2bot to the group, Then we can create a bridge and people from Matrix can participate in the group chat without joining Telegram and vice versa. It could then be bridged/mirrored from Matrix to Discord, but ya know that would probably get taken down again at some point. If anyone can help me complete the bridge, please get in touch. Directions here: