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Hey THC Fam!

I met the maker of the Map in Black, super stellar dude and the map is totally rad! Thought I’d pass along the info, in case anyone is curious what’s in their neck of the woods, or wants to go on an supernatural adventure!


“Map in Black is a full color, two-sided 38' x 50" paper map. It folds down to 5" x 10" for convenient storage in a backpack, glove box or drawer. The entire front side is a detailed map of North America with over one thousand pinpoints in the supernatural realm. The back has an alphabetical listing by state and province of each pinpoint divided into 8 categories:

• Aliens/UFOs

• Ancient American Sites

• Cryptids

• Ecology

• Hauntings

• Military/Government

• Native Lands

• Sacred Geography”


Or on Facebook too..


Keep on keepin’ on y’all!