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I don't know if this is the right avenue to go about this but whatever.....

I heard Greg's frustration loud and clear at the end of the Adam Green episode. I personally love to hear ALL perspectives. I'm a conservative Christian that is strong in my faith. Still, I can certainly listen to a conversation from a liberal and/or an atheist/agnostic/whatever and come away with something - this is shocking, I know.

Just keep doing what you do, Greg. You might have a few that do not like a particular episode, and I've been in that boat too. I typically stop the episode, go play some Xbox, and await the next show.

Show TheCarlwood some love, people!

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i agree... people who are holding their subscription over greg's head are, at best, just emotionally unstable and at worst- glow... i really suspect there are people who are paid to disrupt online communities such as this...  


i'm in a country where it common knowledge that the ruling party pays online shills to disrupt online conversations...  i mean, shit, if some random organization reached out to me and offerred me $100 bucks a month to disrupt an online community, i may take it, lol...  so if i start bitching here yall know what happeneed, lol