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Joegilberti2024 PRIMARY WATER florida

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Today I was bored on Instagram. Looking up hydrogen water purifiers for my home. I came across joegilberti2024. 

He claims he found primary water in Florida. The man is an engineer by trade. He has been trying for10 years to bring this water to the public. Every effort has been halted by authorities in every department. 

I wanted to get him in contact with some great Podcasters to spread his message. I noticed a contact number on his page so reluctantly and with nervousness I dialed it and called. (I'm nobody I'm not a content creator or influencer just a fan of many topics). I wanted to tell Joe I love his fight and story and want to help. But. To my dismay Joe did not answer. I was greeted by his wife Christine. She informed me with a tremble in her voice and teats in her eyes her husband is in jail and can't be reached. 

I was in instant shock. So I talked to this wonderful woman. Listened to her story and asked question. Joe is currently in jail for false allegations. All of his counter suits and proof of anything in his favor was thrown out of court. This family needs help. From anyone. Help them so Joe can continue to fight for us. I've never thrown myself into a "cause" before. This is real. This is world changing. Greg please reach put to me or directly to Christine and give her an emergency interview. I believe she said they are in Sarasota.  U hope this finds someone anyone who cares and wants to help. 

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OH fek! He is incarcerated for the primary water situation? That’s so gross. 

How interesting to hear the way you found out about this! 

i hope all works out as it should for Joe and his family.