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I have a dream

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I recall part of my dream last night was walking into a mini gym environment, which I was told was actually a personal trainer space, in a strip mall type location.  There was a job opportunity there to sell THC memberships, however, like one used to do back in the day with mulit-level marketing pyramid schemes like Herbalife.  Along with a membership to THC (annual?) I had a cardboard box full of snacks, like kettlecorn and cran-raisins.  With a purchased membership, one could get one of these snacks.

I assume(d) these THC memberships would be sold on the beach boardwalk, a la a Mark Dice interview.  Would I need a clipboard of special promo-codes for individual buyers, however?  Should they be given a discount from purchasing THC account memberships directly from me, since what would deter them from just purchasing a membership on their own through the website?  I assume if I only had one promo code, then what's to prevent one purchaser to put that promo code out on the Web or share it with his 'buddy', etc.  

Does this dream mean I had too much kettlecorn and crain-raisins after going to the gym and listening to THC while there?  


Also, where can I get some Ivermectin that's not horse paste?  I don't think doctors are prescribing it (unless you get a low-percentage'd 'based' one that can operate outside the medical tyrannical paradigm):