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Hey have anybody seen already the latest videos published by Randall Carlson on YT? It's mind blowing how many conspiracies I heard over the years on the show can be explained in such scientific articulate way like Randall does. Even all the prophecies I heard from Silvi's newearth channel on other. One word accompanying all from 5 km tall fire in Michigan to the frozen erected mammoth and all great floods through history. Pyramids were way to preserve civilization just like American billionaires are now building bunkers like crazy. I also think we have factions fighting right now globally where one side have most power for now and wants as much as possible people to not be prepared and die so they can construct next civilization and other side or sides that want to preserve current knowledge and are resisting the status quo and safe some of the people like the ant people and the sea people. Never heard more rational theory based on evidence, history, science, astrology, astronomy, archeology, geology, etc. Even if you follow politics today still stunning amount of connections. What do you guys think? Throw your brain hurricane at me.