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Book of Galactic Light- author from joint session

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in the latest joint session episode, the author of the book of galactic light left a message about his book, which combines enochian magick and Greer's CE5 protocols...  these are two things i'm currently into so i was intrigued. 

you can download the book for free on his webiste.


i am blown away by this book and very much hope greg has the author on the show.


finding this book is a big synchronicity for me and my magickal practice because it is addressing very clearly a 'deep cut' magickal enochian portal working i have been doing. ... so it is like the answer to the most complex math problem i have ever attempted falling into my lap at just the right time.


i'm sure 'traditional' occultists who practice enochian magick will poo-poo this book because it isn't orthodox but IMO it is a genuine revelatory text and one of the most important inovations to enochian magick in last 5 years. (ion's approach to enochian magick would be the most important before this, just for the record. 




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