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Hey guys I wanted to share this researcher I recently found named Jason, his channel is called Archaix.  To sum it up he spent 26 years in a Texas prison where he had access to a lot of old books through the prison library system, and realized our history is filled with lies and spent most those years researching the real chronology of this planet.  After he got out he had an NDE and came to the conclusion we are in a simulation and now presents all the research he has done through that lens.  
Part of the reason history is obscured is because there is a built in reset mechanism every 138 years, the last one was 1902 and the next one is 2040.  
It is the most unique info I have come across in a long time.  

I hope that Greg has some time to dive into his video and it is my hopes he can get him on the show soon, this info needs a bigger audience IMO.

it’s hard to pick a video to share to get you started, but this one is an interview with a good over view, but nothing like how he does his own videos.   Let me know what you think!

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Thank you for the share, looking forward to checking it out! And as synchronicity would have it, a telegram channel I follow, Alfa Vedic, just posted this video from Archaix, Autodidactic & Howdie Mickoski re: FPV Angel material and the Simulated Reality.

I'm going to give both a listen tonight.  

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