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5G Facts from 4-G’s (4-G’s: Greg, Greg, Genesis, Greg) from the Latest London Monkey Puzzle Meet Up

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  1. Nic said that “with another Greg, it now made three Gregs in the London group”. Lisa said there were only two Gregs. Nic then laughed and said that she had included Greg Carlwood. 
  2. Genesis said it was interesting how people like Greg Carlwood had the power to coalesce a group like ours. 
  3. Greg decided to attend the Meet Up when he found himself standing next to the huge Monkey Puzzle tree at work and took it as a sign.
  4. Greg thought Lisa was “sis”. Lisa didn’t understand, did he mean “sister? Or Cysgender? He meant SIS (Secret Intelligent Service, M16).
  5. Greg said that at the last get together in Camden someone had seen the announcement Lisa posted of the THC Meet Up on the No Agenda website. The newcomer came to the THC Meet Up thinking it was a cannabis appreciation club. 
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Awesome! Love the synchronicities that happen when you are on the path. 

I'm Greg from Cincinnati. Got a great group coalescing here. Next CinSpiracy this Friday. (Feb 23)