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Western and Southern Connecticut Farm List

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Waldingfield Farm, Washington, CT

Massaro Community Farm, Woodbridge CT

Wild Carrot Farm, Torrington, CT.  This farm is run by an older couple who have a very radiant and bright spirit, kind kind souls who infuse that joy into their produce. you can find their USDA Certified Organic Seasonal Greens, Veggie Starters, Herbs, Flowers and Berries, at Farmers Markets in Bantam and Collinsville, CT.

Young's LongRange Farm is run by a very kind man with his beautiful family, who all take amazing care of their animals. This is a great farm to get to know if you want a reliable source for Non-GMO Meats and Eggs. They do make it out to farmers markets and have a website here:

Nature View Farm, Bridgewater, CT. 

This Farm is SUPER cool! Run by a family of kind, sincerely good people, they are flat earthers, live by the bible, and are as Sovereign as you can get around here! they have some seriously healthy Raw Milk for sale. All of their food and animal products have zero chemicals, pesticides, genetic modification etc. The Farm stand is open to the public 5 or 7 days a week just walk in the barn and help yourself, leave your cash in the cash box. 

You will find at this farm, BEEF, PORK, MILK, YOGURT, SQUASH, CORN, CHARD, and MORE! 

you can also find them at local farmers markets in the town of Fairfield and Brookfield. 

I am not affiliated with Nature View Farm, just an old friend of mine.

Also hit me up if you are in the Western CT Area for more info!

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