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Canadian Truckers - Freedom Convoy 2022

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Something incredible happened in late January of 2022: a group of Canadian Truckers from all over the country decided to go drive to Ottawa to protest the vaccine mandates imposed on truckers crossing borders. The massive movement dubbed the Freedom Convoy has taken the world by storm and is getting bigger by the day!

Since the first weekend (end of January) when the truckers began arriving to Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been in hiding, some say he's in exile in the US.

Unsurprisingly, the puppet-oligarch media (including state-sponsored CBC) are desperate to dub this an occupation, a protest by far-right extremists bla bla bla, in an attempt to forcibly end the protest. The reality is though, very few arrests so far and the images pouring over social media and independent news outlets show a different side: these are a diverse groups of people, all united by the sense that Covid mandates have hijacked constitutional  rights of the people aka civil liberties.

I'm paraphrasing the timelines for the sake of ease, but this is an ongoing protest that has gone viral across the world. In Europe, a few countries are already organizing their own Freedom Convoys.

GoFundMe, the crowdfunding website which hosted a campaign to collect funds to support the truckers (food, gas, shelter) assembled a massive $9Mn which in the end was blocked. GoFundMe even announced they would seize the funds entirely to give to charities of their choice. The move got such a backlash that they've since decided to refund all donors, but the damage was done.

Bear in mind, these people are out there protesting in the middle of Canadian winter where temps are averaging -25ºC (-13F) and the roads are frozen, prohibiting many from joining. As a former Canadian resident, I've never sense so much joy and a sense of unity in the last decade.


All this to say a few things:

- May God protect the brave and courageous Canadians who are participating in this sovereign campaign

- This movement is one for this History books: and a real light shining through the covid darkness for the free world

- Turning point in this crisis: the genie's out of the bottle and nothing short of a military deployment can stop this.

If you want to follow the news on this, I recommend a few outlets:


- Ezra Levant and the whole crew over at Rebel News Org

- Maxime Bernier, leader of the PPC (People Party of Canada)

Many others but those 2 are reliable sources imo.


Voila, keep fighting the good fight!


Posted : February 6, 2022 8:20 AM
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