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National coin shortage?

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Hey all/Greg,

I'm in Michigan, a couple miles outside Detroit. Normally I'm not too suspicious about this but since the pandemic some stores are saying there is a national coin shortage and so there is a significant push to use credit as you either won't get your change or be forced to wait in ridiculous lines just to use cash.

Thing is, I haven't heard any news mainstream, alternative, or otherwise that this is a problem. I don't follow everything that well so its possible I missed it. I notice this mostly in certain gas stations and Meijers, a grocery store where a supervisor told me some bs about them working with Coinstar that didn't make sense. Local competitors have self serve checkouts that accept cash... why can't they? Some stores literally have no idea there is supposed to be a shortage. Makes one wonder if that whole cashless society thing is really coming? I never took that one too seriously, until now.

Anyone else hear about or experience a coin shortage in your area, USA?

Suspiciously curious,

Posted : October 13, 2020 12:39 AM
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They’re about the roll out the digital crypto dollar courtesy of USPostal Office.. at least thats what some of us think.

Edit: The plan is called the digital dollar, and it works like a trojan horse basic income meant as a stimulus. Can’t help but smell smoke..

It’s already happening in China:

Posted : October 13, 2020 7:17 AM
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I use cash a lot. No one has ever been out of change. It's a ruse to move more money through the banks and charge transaction fees. Also, def leading toward digital currency.

Posted : October 14, 2020 3:00 PM
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I pretty much always use cash. We have plastic notes down here. People are still accepting cash, but mostly you have to put it in buckets of steriliser if you want to spend it.

Ironically, we are in a rural location and quite often get power outs so you can't use your credit card.

We also had one of our two main food retailers go out for a day when their credit processing went out for the day. Reminds me of the period last year were someone was going around the world turning systems on and off. DO you guys remember that? One day twitter was off, the next day facebook was gone for a couple of days. Someone was mapping the networks...

Here comes the Splinter-net !

Posted : October 19, 2020 6:00 AM