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Kong vs Godzilla

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has anyone watched this movie yet?
I thought the predictive programming was strong with this one. besides the conspiratorial podcast seeming like a poke at Greg, the DUMDs, cloning chambers, and beautifully thought out hollow earth physics were really on the nose in my opinion

even when you extrapolate themes from the movie it gets telling. the Saipan intelligent monkey(humans) have long fought with the reptilian alpha (lizard people?) but in the modern day, they must join forces to dismantle the technocrats looking to destroy them both

not to mention a gorgeous fucking movie start to finish

Posted : April 11, 2021 4:12 AM
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Dude spot on!

I loved the hollow earth entrance sequence, very trippy.

I wasnt as perceptive to the predictive programming elements. Maybe its because I havent seen the other movies in this Godzilla/Kong franchise, but I feel like they only scratched surface of those other elements and could have done more with them. Maybe thats just me. It seemed to follow that all too familiar pattern of modern storytelling. A focus on the action, while omitting the character/story building.

The face off between primate/reptilian/tech is there though. It is an interesting narrative. What's also interesting is that Kong was beaten initially, the Godzilla won (only to get his ass handed to him by mechagodzilla). Idk if thats telling or if I am reading too much into it.

Posted : April 23, 2021 10:26 PM