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The Mesopotamia Co-op

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This is a model for bottom up community building that could really work! This is super inspiring and I would LOVE to see a show on this to get the system out to a wider audience.

Here is an outline of the co-op from a section of the Solidarity Economy Association, and the video below is an excellent primer. The community organises co-ops around health-care, security, education etc, and they pool resources to buy what they need, rather than having wasteful top-down one size fits all government appropriations. The also all train each other in areas of personal interest, so no one person controls information in anyone area. The village committees meet with larger bio-region groups, but the further away from the village centre the committee is, the less power it has to dictate policy.

David Graeber has been there and would make a great guest. He's a professor of anthropology at the London School of Economics.

I would also like to suggest Aymenn al-Tamimi who is very familiar with the structure they are emplacing in Syria to self-organise.

'Cause it turns out, when a community has the will to self-organise, the need for government just kinda fades away...

Posted : July 24, 2019 1:01 AM