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I would love to hear from anyone pulling strings for Venus project.

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I’m a bit new to having discovered the “genre” of “alternative media” but have embodied “alternative media” for my 32 years in this experience. I’m a skeptic of nearly everything until I experience it first hand. I had my first child 5 years ago and it doesn’t feel like an accident that when I properly calibrated/tuned to the loving frequency of the moment and in a searching state of mind, keep coming across something called the Venus project. Their vision of the way forward makes more sense to me than any other I’ve found and yet the information I would like to know on the project is eluding me and seems like a job for you Greg. I don’t have a bullet point list of questions or anything like that, I would just love to hear Greg speak to one or more of their string pullers in the magnificent way that Only Greg seems able to do.
much love

Posted : September 19, 2021 11:19 PM
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Yeah, the Venus project would be a great idea all things being equal. But things are not equal. I could build a "free energy" device in probably 3 days, and market it just as quickly. Anyone who couldn't is a pleb. So let's all ask ourselves why it hasn't happened--why we're hammered into the mud. It's because parasites (I said it) are having a field day here. And considering how simple it all is, I do start to question if humanity is worth a second thought. But seeing as how I'm theoretically a human, I suppose I'll interact on this level. IT's just that, you really can't make a magnetic motor? Really? It fucking suggests itself, the concept is so simplistic I could have made one at 4 years old

Posted : September 29, 2021 9:27 AM
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im not sure how the city works without streets, if you put in streets then it becomes a circular grid. the same thing as a regular grid, every city had them for control. i had that in mind when making the velant project. for people that didnt see it posted 4 months ago.

Posted : September 29, 2021 6:51 PM
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The concept is sound-ish, it just wasn't designed well enough .

Posted : October 1, 2021 2:25 AM
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Someone with a respectable level of skill would be designing furniture, inside rooms, inside buildings, inside neighborhoods, inside cities, inside geologic formations as a single holographic interface. It seems obvious. But I dropped out of the archetectural design major at uni, so what would I know really

Posted : October 1, 2021 2:31 AM
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Posted : October 1, 2021 2:36 AM