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1: Gary Wayne
I honestly was surprised to see he has not made it on your show. He has done over 3 decades of studies on what started as biblical prophecy and has, obviously, taken him down a serious rabbit hole of information. He has a book titled:
The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Mankind.

His main talking points are on the nephilim, bloodlines of the elite (which he traces a lot back to pre and post flood), secret societies (seriously knows a lot about the main ones), books of Enoch,and other books people feel should be in the bible, the current move into a technocratoc society, transhumanism, the end times, mythological teachings and how they correlate to the ancient giants, to ancient Egypt, fairly and elf lore, to new age spiritualism. He seriously seems to fill in a ton of blanks.

He loves to speak on the topic and will never turn down an interview. You could get him as a repeat guest and never run out of topics to talk about AND he has another book coming out. I'd even love to see him on with Gordon White. That would be a wild episode.

His website is:
From there he has an easy to access hyperlink to request him as a guest.
He has a very detailed summary of each chapter in his book on his website.
Honeatly, any video and podcast he has on his website will have you begging for more.

2: M.D. Paul Saladino
This guy wrote the book "The Carnivore Code" which goes incredibly in depth to the science of how foods react in and to your body and the importance of eating a well balanced diet of grass fed and free range meat head to tail. He will touch on how food science has been altered to push certain agendas and will correct a lot of fallacies of what we think we know about food. He'll touch on how the health care system doesn't really help create healthy people but fosters dependency on prescriptions.
I'd recommend his interview with Joe Rogan or his interview with Aubrey Marcus
His website is:

Posted : October 7, 2021 10:54 PM