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Dr Ibrahim Karim - Biogeometry and wisdom from Ancient Egypt

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He subsequently went on to develop the field he termed Biogeometry:
"BioGeometrical shapes interact with Earth’s energy to produce a balancing effect on all energy levels of biological systems. Research into shapes of body organs led to the discovery of the relationship between of organ function, energy pattern, and shape. These patterns called “BioSignatures” produce, through resonance, a balance of energy and immunity that support orthodox and alternative medicine."

Today his daughter, Doreya Karim is following in her father's footsteps by managing Biogeometry Energy Systems Ltd and related-research also happens to be part of the International Light Association.

I first heard of Dr Karim's work from Geoship who is working directly with Doreya Karim to incorporate elements of biogeometry in their domes. Being a sucker for the ILA and the likes of Jacob Liberman, this was a match made in heaven. I am currently reading Karim's book "Back To a Future for Mankind: Biogeometry" which is a treasure trove of newly rediscovered science from the Ancient Egyptians who had the knowledge of these subtle energies. I will post more on the book's content in the future.

This research also ties into the works of Russian scientist Nikolai Kozyrev and his concepts of Time-waves, his psychic mirror "machines" and such. Anyone familiar with Kozyrev's work passes my litmus test to say the least.

Dr Karim's work on electrosmog in the small Swiss village of Hemberg is also fascinating.


Another concrete application case by practioners

You can find numerous talks given by him on Youtube as well.
I'd say having either Ibrahim Karim or his daughter would make for an incredible THC episode. What say you?

- Biogeometry Emitter (a sample of his work based on shapes)

Posted : February 5, 2021 9:23 AM
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This would be awesome, I'd love to hear from Dr. Karim or his daughter

Posted : February 16, 2021 7:29 PM
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Yes! Biogeometry is amazing. I've totally put some of his pendants on my wish list.

As an added bonus, this guy has an origin story that would put Indianna Jones to shame, full of Egyptian co-incidences and magical encounters in Parisian book shops.

Make sure to ask about "Negative Green"

Posted : April 26, 2021 1:43 AM