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Gordon White Covid Predictions

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Hey all I've just listened to the live podcast from the Higher-Soup meetup and there's a part where Gordon White says without a trace of bitterness in his voice that he had made predictions about covid that all came out to be accurate. I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly where he was making those predictions cause I wanna hear it! It's too compelling not to look into. 

So if you see this and think, "oh! I know where it is!" please let me know. If not I'll simply have to sift through several hours of Runesoup and THC content which would be an enjoyable effort to suffer through anyways. 

If I don't get a response by the time I find it myself I'll post one reply with the update on where you can find that audio! Cheers!

Posted : July 23, 2022 1:04 AM
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